June 26, 2012

Perceptions of {ATL}

Due to the recent premiere of the reality show, Love and Hip Hop ATL, on VH1, several Atlanta writers have aggressively and brilliantly voiced their thoughts on how Atlanta, women, black people, and our society have been portrayed on television. These authors have also discussed the detrimental effects of negative media portrayal and how reality 
television could be and should be a platform for positivity and social change. 

Below are the links to two articles, both fantastic.
I really want to meet Erin Harper & Kelly Smith Beaty - or at least feature them on my blog :)

What are your thoughts on these issues?

1 comment:

  1. Oh look. I'm the 1st person to comment. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta is the bane of my (our) existence. I should have read this earlier. Kelly made me feel a lot better. Maybe you can tag me along when you all meet?


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