July 25, 2013

Eating clean for rookies {part 4}

I thought it was time for a clean eating/fitness update, so here goes! I'm still motivated and still eating clean for either one or two meals every day and have lost 3 more pounds since my last post

I'm also still drinking lots of water. I'm currently looking for a good work out challenge to start for the month of August...let me know if you have any ideas!

I love hearing feedback from viewers, friends, and family about their attempts at clean eating. It's a fun and healthy challenge. Even my mom has sent me texts with photos of her clean salads :)

I'm happy to share my journey as I try to eliminate processed foods to eat better and feel better. 

Feel free to leave a comment with your clean eating experiences!

Check out some of the meals I've had recently:

Salmon cooked in olive oil + spinach, flowers, onions in lemon juice

Baked cauliflower + cabbage with herbs 

Bananas + ice + squeezed lime

Lettuce + spinach + strawberries + corn + carrots + cucumbers 
(add oil, blended avocados, lemon/lime juice for dressing) 

Carrots + green apple + strawberries: I made different meals/snacks for a week from these. Food prep is easiest if you do it one day a week and store the food how you'll want to eat it. 

I always clean my fruit and veggies then cut them up into bite size pieces.

If you want to add flavor or don't like cold  foods -- put the fruits/veggies in the 
skillet with water or lemon juice for a minute then eat them! Don't let them cook for too long or they will lose all of their nutrients!

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  1. great ideas! ps- let m know if you want to follow each other!! xxx haemeandrobecca.blogspot.co,

  2. Great combination of flavours!


  3. great ideas!!! pleas- let m know if you want to follow each other!!!!!!.

  4. Vett, congratulations on your weight loss girl! That's awesome! Plus you enjoy your food. You're not struggling with it. Good for your mom too! I love how you cut things up and pre package your food. It makes it so much easier to stick with and convenient! :D

  5. Delicious.... great tips hun!!!
    Tnx for sharing....

  6. Great job Vett! Don't forget to eat legumes, like lentils (full of iron), black and red beans.You might know that sesam/sunflower/poppy seeds are a perfect complement to salads or mixed to your cereals in the morning :-)
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  7. wow! so cool! keep up the good work girl!

  8. It looks like you've had some delicious clean meals recently - I'd never thought of quickly cooking fruit and veetables in a skillet with lemon, but it's a great idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  9. WOW! Such a yummy food!
    Lots of kisses*


  10. Nice. Just started my own clean eating plan last week courtesy of the hubs and I gotta say, I'm feeling lighter by the day. For a workout, I loved doing P90X a few years ago and am about to dust off my DVDs since I can't seem to squeeze in any time for the gym. Good luck to all of us on this healthier journey.

  11. Looks really yummy .. and healthy x

  12. I am 1 week away from eating clean for 3 months. I love it. I feel amazing. I only weigh in once a month, but my last weigh in 3 weeks ago I had lost 18 pounds total. Keep up the good work! :)

  13. Eating clean makes me feel really good! I have moved further and further away from processed foods being a go to and it's been great. I recommend 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels if you haven't done it yet. Short yet effective videos you can do at home. I just finished it!

  14. feel so happy about your loosing weight:)
    i really try it but kindly lazy to do hahahha



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