July 05, 2013

SBFAC update

It's been about six months since I published my first book, a college survival guide of sorts, and I have updates to share!

I've received so many awesome emails and comments from aspiring authors, authors, and students about my book and I can't express enough appreciation for those.

It means the most hearing that younger students enjoy my book because I wrote it for them. 

I got the chance to speak at my college (Georgia Tech) to some incoming students and it was seriously such an honor. I love my college so much and going back to interact with the newest faces on campus was just so much fun. They are all so ambitious and brilliant, which made it even more exciting to be around them.

I used to be terrified of public speaking, even in front of a super small group. I would get sick to my stomach at the thought of being in front of people and having to talk. Still,  I literally have to tell myself (in my head) to just do it and pretend like I'm having a 1-1 conversation with someone. Now, I look forward to speaking to people I've never met before and hopefully impacting them in a positive way.

How do you feel about public speaking?


  1. well it was just a clear proof that your book is indeed great

  2. That is so awesome! You're such an inspiration to others. I use to feel the same way about public speaking, until my career required it. HaHaHa It gets easier over time.

  3. oh wow...so exciting about the book...congrats!

  4. Congrats on your book launch doll! That's huge!
    Instagram: Cmichellestyles

  5. What an accomplishment! That's really an honour to be invited to speak in your alma mater:) Congrats on the book!
    Public speaking is always such a challenge IMO, so kudos to you for being able to do so:D

  6. SUCH an accomplishment and honor! CONGRATS on everything! I would have to say being active in my church got me over the fear of public speaking I still get the jitters right before I have to speak but once I find 2 or 3 faces I'm good.

  7. Awww! Congratulations honey! That's huge and it looks like I need to see what this book is all about.

    Like you, I used to be nervous about public speaking as well, but I've had to do so many presentations of robots and presentations in graduate school that I have absolutely no fear about it. And when you know what you're talking about and you get to talk about what you love, it comes naturally.

    Again, congratulations! You are simply amazing.

    (And I'm still getting my verses together.)


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