July 18, 2013

Summertime wedding

As crazy as it is to admit this, I am in the age group where people are getting engaged and married.

I'm in no rush for that next stage of life, but I'm happy that so many of my peers are finding love and making such a special committment. My friend, Catherine, got married at the end of June and it was seriously such a beautiful wedding and reception.

The wedding was held in an adorable theater in North Georgia, and it had a "theatre" and 1920's type of feel. 

The ceremony was the perfect blend of both religious and secular moments. While the reception, invitations, decorations, and the bride's dress had a 1920's vintage, rustic feel.

I went to the wedding with a group of friends who were in the same organization as Catherine and I during college. We had so much fun on the ride there and at the wedding!

Have you been to a wedding this summer?


  1. Looks amazing! I'm scared of getting to that age haha, crazy! :)

  2. Very beautiful photos ;) This dress is amazing ;)

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  3. So beautiful, I love the decoration :)

    XO, Adropofbliss.com

  4. Awww this is super cute! I'm a typical woman about weddings, love love love them! I haven't been to one in years though. This wedding is so cute. Congrats to your friends! And you look so gorgeous :)

    The Indie Byline

  5. It looks so fun! I love the theme they had going on. I'm finding it crazy that I've been invited to 3 weddings this summer also...how are people I know getting married!? Haha. They are SO fun to go to though!

  6. Weddings are my FAV! :) girlfriend you are ROCKIN' that purple dress!!!

  7. Weddings here, weddings there, weddings weddings everywhere!!

  8. Ahhh. I love weddings! They're always so fun. Those hydrangeas are so pretty! :)

  9. Beautiful wedding! The guys look so handsome. Vett, you look awesome girl. I love that dress on you and you have slimmed down. You're going to be next walking down the aisle. You're smart, look good. Somebody is going to scoop you up! HaHa

  10. A great time with great friends. Loved the theme and DJ (whateverhisnamewas)!

  11. You look gorgeous--that color looks fab on you! And oh my gosh, SO many people I know (that are my age) are getting married, and it's crazy! I am no where close to getting married, but all of the couples around me are making me feel like an old maid! It looks like it was a gorgeous wedding, though! I love those hydrangea arrangements!

  12. Looks like an awesome wedding.
    You look great & so does the bride.

  13. Congrats to your friend Vett, she created a cozy yet sophisticated ambience. And you look stunning in blue!
    Coco et La vie en rose
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