July 21, 2013

Happy birthday, Shelby {dessert first always}

It's July 21 aka my best friend Shelby's birthday!! Shelby is 22!! Are we still observing T-Swift's song? Anyway, I wanted to give Shelby a special birthday shout out because she deserves it and I had to miss some of her birthday festivities. 

Do you have a friend whose energy can change an entire room, in the best way possible? Or who can make a new friend in just about any situation? Or who helps you think through the smallest or biggest life crisis?

That's Shelby.

Oh, and did I mention she can bake. Treat yourself to her blog, Dessert First Always, and see some of the goodies she's made! My favorites are below:

Being silly back in high school :)
I met Shelby in middle school and we've been friends ever since
It's rare to have a friend who is a neighbor, who goes to the same middle school, high school, then college as you! I'm beyond grateful that I've had Shelby in so many chapters of my life because she's played such a major role in all of them.

Everyone who meets you is lucky, and those of us who can call you a best friend are beyond blessed.

Happy birthday, Shelby!


  1. happy birthday to her,
    yum yum for the cakes

  2. Happy birthday to your best friend, it's such a treasure to have such wonderful, true friends! Cherish each other! That cake looks super delish by the way)
    Have a fabulous time!


  3. My comment did t go through last night :(

    But you are truly an amazing friend and a blessing in my life. You words brought the biggest smile to my face. Thank you for always being there for me and for sharing so many wonderful memories. I love you baby v! Or as Spenser says "corVett" lol

  4. Aw, happy birthday to your friend! And her foods look amaaaaazing! Baking is so much fun. *__*

  5. happy birthday to your friend

  6. Happy birthday to Your best friend :))

  7. Feliz cumpleaƱos para ella, preciosa entrada!


  8. Happy Birthday Shelby! Those desserts look awesome. Going to check out her blog :D

  9. That Oreo cheesecake looks amazing! Yummy!



  10. What a sweet post! Happy belated, Shelby!

    How did you celebrate together?


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