June 13, 2013

Eating clean for rookies {part 1}

I have tons of self control when it comes to just about everything besides food.
I love good food and good food loves me. 
So trust me, I understand how difficult the concept of healthy eating or "eating clean" sounds, but it's not too bad if you ease your way into it like I've been doing for the past two weeks.

I've lost about 7.5 pounds in the last two weeks from drinking LOTS of water, working out more often, and "eating clean" for at least one meal a day.

I plan to start eating clean for at least two meals a day...and eventually a lifestyle...I hope.
But for now, I'm proud that I've somewhat shifted my eating habits by incorporating more healthy options and feeling good and guilt free after meals.

Below are some examples of foods I've eaten over the past two weeks!

Breakfast on the left (milk + cucumber w/ lemon juice),
lunch on right (apple sauce + mixed veggies w/ lemon juice)

Salad with strawberries, tomatoes, cucumber, onions.
You can also add fish or chicken for protein

Great breakfast or snack - fruits

I love this juicer - so quick and easy!
Bananas, blueberries, strawberries!
Add some ice and...
Perfect and healthy smoothie for breakfast, a snack, or dessert!

Green veggies (raw or steamed) are also a great snack or meal.

Tips from professionals on eating healthy:
Have a partner/friend to eat healthy with you and hold each other accountable
Try to eat out as little as possible
Create a diet/eating plan that works for your lifestyle 
Learn more about nutrition facts
Portion control can be just as important as what you're eating
Keep low calorie snacks with you if you get hungry in between meals
Celebrate your success, no matter how small

What's your favorite healthy meal or snack?

Eating clean for rookies {part 2}


  1. Well done, girl! The food looks so fresh and healthy.

  2. great post!! i love the nutribullet =)



  3. Way to go!! I totally agree with you on the self control thing... It's my worst habit by far! I need to start drinking more water; you've totally inspired me!

  4. I'm trying to eat cleaner as well! It's was hard at first but now i'm starting to get use to it!

  5. and that made me crave! healthy and yummy indeed

  6. 7.5 pounds in the last two weeks?? Good job! Training your body to eat this way will make a huge difference. Every now and then I go on a health kick. Unfortunately, it never lasts.

  7. I've never really seen what anyone eats when they eat clean, but I think I could handle it... probably wouldn't last for me though. xx

  8. ohhh your post is so interesting!! To me is so difficult to try to eat clean!! I know that everything is in my mind...

  9. You're doing awesome! Love the meals you prepared for yourself. I know you feel better. I love smoothies. I've got to purchase one of those bullet blenders. So easy to whip up one!

  10. I wish I had your self-control! I feel like my weight's been going the wrong way recently!

  11. We love roasted veggies! So good! I look forward to reading more on your series. We're trying to do better as a family. Hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Strawberries on a salad??? Never seen that, gotta try it.

  13. My favorite salad is spinach, strawberries, and pecans! I've never had strawberries on salad with so many veggies, but this makes me give that idea a second look. Thanks for some tips on clean eating, I've been cutting back eating out and trying to eat healthier, so thanks so much!


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