June 07, 2013

LU and MASH the web series {new media}

My brother Kors and his wife Kim live out in California and they have been really busy recently with some incredible film projects that I've been wanting to share!

He's written, directed, and produced this film called LU - it's based on a true story of a Marine diagnosed with PTSD who sets out years later to find a woman caught in the crossfire during a firefight in Iraq. My brother always makes me proud, but I'm especially proud and excited for this project!

Check out this short clip from the film above and let me know what you think!

Another exciting project that my super siblings are involved with is this web series, M.A.S.H.!

 I'm already hooked and waiting for the next episode. You can watch them online at www.mashtheseries.com or on YouTube. 

These are such great options for summer viewing while we're in between TV series showings. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!!

1 comment:

  1. wow, that seems a great movie huh im impress!
    and as for that web series it seems interesting as well


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