June 18, 2013

Quick meals {Father's Day Dinner}

I hope everyone's had a great week so far!
I told y'all how I was cooking my sweet daddy dinner for Father's Day and he loved it!
Check out what I made below all the morning of Father's Day, yummy and easy :)

Southern style mac & cheese:
macaroni shells, boiled
2 eggs + skim milk + black pepper + paprika, whipped
shredded sharp shedder
cut chunks of sharp cheddar
low fat chedder melted cheese
mix up the above
topped with honey + paprika + black pepper
total cook time = about an hour 

Chicken with pineapple glaze and sliced butter apples
cleaned and cut chicken breasts
marinate chicken breast in a seasame or BBQ sauce for a few hours or over night
season chicken with lemon pepper, parsely, fresh garlic
use fresh pineapples and soak chicken in pineapples
cut up chicken into small pieces
sauté onions and buttered green apples in skillet
add in chicken
total cook time: under an hour

Ice cream or yogurt topped with fried bananas +strawberries + blueberries
clean and chop up fruits you want to include

to fry bananas: spray cocunut oil or regular oil in pan
add chopped bananas
mix honey and cinnamon in a bowl
add your mixture to skillet
flip bananas once golden, then add to bowl

total cook time: under 5 minutes

I also made green beans and my mom made squash, it was a delicious and easy way to celebrate dad! :)


  1. yummm! looks delicious! I absolutely love mac and cheese!

  2. yum yum! awwww, that mac n cheese looks so good! i love it! fabulous table spread!

  3. If celebrating father's day would mean eating those, i would love to celebrate it everyday haha

  4. oh my goodness...that mac and cheese looks amazing. One of my favorite foods!!

  5. yum!

    I want invite you to the awesome giveaway I have now in my blog! You can win 100$ in Free Style Xtreme! I'm sure you will like it.


  6. Yum! I want to dive inside your Mac and cheese. It looks amazing. Your dad I'm sure was smiling all day:)

  7. We're heading out there next year for Father's Day.

    As a matter of fact, when is the next celebration that you all are having? Save me a plate. (:


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