June 24, 2013

Natural Hair Salons in ATL {Too Groovy Salon}

My hair after visiting Too Groovy Salon
I'm excited to share a great hair salon in Atlanta, Too Groovy Salon!
The first time I went, I didn't tell them I was blogging about the salon and just took mental notes of the service, the stylists, and how my hair was treated.

I really enjoyed my experience!

When you go, tell them that Vett Vandiver sent you! And, first time clients get $10 off!

So I went back again, this time to take photos and actual notes for this post.

The salon is located in Midtown and there's plenty of free street parking & a nearby garage (great!)

The salon is neat, organized, has a fun layout, and I was greeted upon entering.

They have coffee or tea for you to drink while you wait. The first time I went I had to wait about 10 minutes for my stylist, but the second time I was serviced almost immediately.

I got a wash and style for my natural hair. I also got the hydration treatment (sitting under this while my hair gets some much needed moisture).

Then I moved to the chair for styling by Tehira. She was fantastic and also gave me some healthy hair tips to help my hair grow better.

Some shots of my style. I got my layers feathered, fun!

And below are photos from the first time I went to Too Groovy Salon!

I definitely recommend them for all types of styles for transitioning and relaxed women looking for stylists in Atlanta! I'm excited about how much my hair has grown since my big chop about two and a half years ago!

Tell them RCSOATL sent you :)


After getting my hair done by Tehira on 7/27/13
The curls more straightened on 7/29/13
After getting my hair done by Tehira on 8/10/13

After getting my hair done by Denese on 9/7/13
After getting my hair done by Tehira on 10/18/13

After getting my hair trimmed and styled by Tehira on 11/12/13

After getting it colored (brown/blonde/red), hydrated, and trimmed by Tehira on 4/24/14

After getting it hydrated and styled by Tehira on 6/27/14

**I do my best to update this page after every visit to Too Groovy**


  1. I'm sure they appreciate your recommendations. You look lovely btw x

  2. That's a really nice salon. Thanks for showcasing it!

  3. well you looked better, it's great to pamper ourselves even just once in a while

  4. They did a great job with your amazing hair!
    Come back soon to visit me on Cosa Mi Metto???
    Win your favorite bikini!!

  5. Great rec love! I've been wondering what are some natural hair salons to get straightened at. I'd like to get straightened and trimmed on my 2nd anniversary that's coming up so I will def keep this in mind. You look fabulous!

  6. Man, they need to come to Dallas and work on this head of mine. HA, but you look fabulous lady.

  7. I LOVE Too Groovy! Tehira did my hair the first time I went, but now my regular stylist is Vashonda. I'm surprised we haven't bumped into each other in Atlanta. lol...I've been to a bunch of the places you blog about.

  8. they did your hair really nice!

  9. My beautiful Vett! Sorry for not leaving a proper comment: just stopped by to say hi while I'm on vacation :-) kisses from the Mediterranean Sea
    Coco et La vie en rose
    Coco et La vie en rose on Bloglovin
    Coco et La vie en rose on Facebook

  10. It came out really pretty. I've been thinking about getting some layers so that'll probably be under way once the summer is over.

  11. Very nice hair each time & the shop looks so modern & chic inside.


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