June 05, 2013

Cures for summer boredom

It's that point in the summer...you're starting to get bored, right?
Even my friends who've graduated and are just waiting to start their real world jobs are starting to get antsy. Being in school for years trains us to believe we should constantly be doing something and that productivity is the way to live.

As a semi-workaholic, I semi agree with that belief. But breaks are good. Taking time to do nothing or do something you typically don't have time to do is good.

But, if you are bored and need ideas of some fun/creative/productive time-fillers, I've got 25 ideas for you:

2. Organize and color coordinate your closet
3. Learn phases from a new language
4. Plan and take a weekend road trip with friends or family
6. Make a YouTube video with friends dancing to your favorite song
7. Attempt to cook your favorite meal from a restaurant
8. Sell/giveaway your old clothes
9. Volunteer with an organization whose cause you believe in
10. Plant a garden
11. Learn how to sew/knit/make jewelry
13. Discover music from another culture
14. Make a quilt from old t-shirts
15. Create a photo collage
16. Download and explore random iPhone apps
17. Play with animals at your local animal shelter
20. Have a fun themed party
22. Join an interesting workout class
23. Train for and run a marathon
25. Have a fun photo shoot with friends

What other summer project ideas do you have?

Have a great summer :)


  1. Great ideas! I know I'll definitely be bored when I get home! (If finals ever end).

  2. I never ever thought of doing #18! Thanks! I still have 2 weeks of school and then packing up my classroom and then it's baby-waiting time. I don't know if I'll have time to be bored, but I'll remember this great list!

  3. Great list and nice blog, really. (Thanks for visiting my blog earlier)

    Being bored is a luxury, believe me (with 1001 activities vying for attention). When I'm close to being restless, I just drop whatever I'm working on at that moment and pick up the nearest mobile device -my phone or Tab and start writing.

    In all that list up there is complete, nothing to add, for me that is.


  4. well that sure is an interesting way to enjoy summer

  5. number five does cure my boredom

  6. Very interesting list and I'm definitely going to try some of these before summers end.

  7. Lovely Lovely :)

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  8. great list and ideas, i must try it:)))

  9. Awesome List! Will definitely be doing some of these activities!


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