May 30, 2013

Gallon of water a day...

keeps the doctor away? And hopefully the pounds too!

**Check in: after one week of the challenge, I've lost 7 pounds and my skin is clearer than ever!**

After a Memorial Day weekend full of amazing food dishes and best friend Shayla and I decided it was time to switch up our eating habits. She's an athlete, so she definitely gets her workouts in, but eating healthier is great for anyone!

While we have unique meal plans and workout plans, one thing we're both aiming to do?

Drink a gallon of water every single day for the next 25 days!

It's quite the challenge. But I started on Monday and have been successful thus far :)
Water is so so good for you and I already feel better and healthier.

I'm expecting great results from this 25 day challenge (healthier eating, lots of water, mini-workouts every day), so I'll be sure to blog about the results at the end!

P.S., the Summer Squat Challenge is still happening!! And working!!


  1. It's the simplest things in life that can do us the most good! I can't wait to see your results!

  2. That's ambitious but sounds like a great idea! I might try it!

  3. Awesome challenge! Great for your health!


  4. well drinking water really helps a lot

  5. I really need to drink more water! hahaha

  6. This is a great challenge!! I seriously need to do this, myself.

  7. I need to do this too! I definitely don't drink enough water!

  8. Good luck with your challenge! I'm pretty much a water addicted, haha. You can do it! :)



  9. Replies
    1. it went really well! I did it, and it was a great flush for my body! :)


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