May 29, 2013

Customize a weekender bag {Kate Spade Saturday}

If you haven't visited the Kate Spade Saturday website, you need to!
I love the more alternative designs of this brand in comparison to Kate Spade New York.

One really fun product they have? The Custom Small Weekender

I love designing/customizing things and making them uniquely for me, so this was seriously so exciting to discover! You can design your own Kate Spade bag!

Here's what happened when I pressed "Surprise me!"

I'm planning several weekend trips for the summer and this bag is the perfect size for those trips. Kate Spade Saturday lets you choose your colors for the bag's straps, pockets, body, base, and you can even get it monogrammed! 

My two designs are below, what do you think?!

Go play, now! :)
And enter to win a gift card to Kate Spade here!


  1. Love this idea, so cool!! They are quite lovely bags :) xx

  2. wow that is such a clever idea

  3. I adore these bags! My fave is the black+white stripes paired with the pink. :) T.

  4. Hey sweetie!

    I invite you to my blog where I hold an International giveaway, if it sounds interesting to you, come & participate!

  5. I have created so many different designs and just can't make up my mind of which I actually want to buy. xx

  6. They give you some really nice options!


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