May 22, 2013

Michael Kors tote {perfect work bag}

Last week I posted my graduation wish list and while I didn't get most of the items on there...I did get one that I really wanted! My aunt got me this fabulous Michael Kors large black tote for my new job/big girl life. I've only had it for a few days but I'm already in love.

It comes in multiple sizes and colors. I was so tempted to get yellow (my favorite color), but stuck with classic black :)

I love how there's space for my Macbook, paperwork, and other items that would go in a purse.

And I got this smaller gold pouch from Kayce Hughes to hold my jewelry!

P.S. - Posting about my post graduation plans tomorrow!!


  1. Love it!! timeless and very chic ;)

  2. that sure is a lovely and handy bag

  3. This bag is adorable! Chic and classic! Love it!

  4. That purse is perfect in every way! One of my friends also got it for her graduation and is obsessed!

  5. that's a great bag! you will be able to use it forever. it's so classic.

    congrats on graduating!

  6. That bag is beautiful, it truly is perfect! Congrats on graduating =)


  7. I LOVE it and I NEED that bag!

  8. Yeah I agree with you! This michael kors bag is perfect!


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