May 16, 2013

Graduation Gift Guide for Guys

Sometimes I forget...guys read my blog too. Hello, men! Yesterday's graduation gift guide (for female graduates/myself) was a hit, but I did get feedback from some male viewers interested in a gift guide for them. Here it is!

Luckily, I have guy best friends who I sometimes have to buy gifts for, so I made my gift guide based on what I think they'd like.

What's your favorite item?

1. Ties - these are accessories for guys just like scarves or belts are for girls. I love the fun bow tie and long tie options they have at J. Crew!
2. Sunglasses - you can never have too many! These are great gifts for guys, especially a nice professional looking pair.
3. Cologne - I love the Lacoste Eau de Lacoste for men
4. iPhone case - after graduating, it may be time for a more grownup phone case - J. Crew and Jack Spade have great options!
5. Michael Kors Watch - a professional looking watch is great for a new chapter in life, love this black and gold one
6. Post grad trip - After graduation is the perfect time for a vacation with family and/or friends, I'll be posting soon about some fun trip ideas!
7. The Alchemist - I read this book for a class and loved the story and so many of the quotes. Motivational/Inspirational quotes are my favorite!
8. iPad 2 - It's the perfect size to carry to classes or work
9. Luggage - it's shocking how many of my guy friends haven't invested in a nice piece of luggage. A nice leather bag makes for the perfect gift!
10. Suit - suits are very expensive...sorry guys. They're the perfect graduation gift for your guy though because he'll definitely need one!


  1. Great post!

  2. well graduation or not, it was great to receive those haha

  3. Nice watches are absolutely great!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. wow, i love this look and style!

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  5. These are all excellent picks, especially for a man entering a professional field who will need some stylish picks for interview season! Some of these would be really nice Father's Day gifts, too.

  6. This is really helpful for this time of the year!! Thanks for the ideas ;)


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