May 20, 2013

Summer trip ideas

One of the items on both my personal grad wish list and the one I made for guys was a post graduation trip!

Regardless of what your next step is after graduation, a trip is the perfect way to celebrate completing a major chapter in life.

Here are some fun graduation/summer trip ideas:

Cross country road trip - great bonding, design your own itenerary 
Hawaii - great beaches, total relaxation, wonderful food, beautiful views
California - tons of beaches, outdoors activities, good food
Washington D.C. - historic, great shopping, great sightseeing
Spain - fun shopping, historic sites, easy to travel in country, practice Spanish
Miami - perfect weather, very cultural, potential for cruises
Mexico - great beaches, great food, practice your Spanish
Las Vegas - gambling, great hotels, fun nightlife 
Paris - romantic, amazing shopping, practice your French
New Orleans - delicious food, warm weather
Savannah, GA - very historic, fun beaches, ghost tours, great restaurants and shopping 
Canada - outdoors activities, great food, different culture
Puerto Rico - incredible beaches, great views, fun activities

Are you going anywhere this summer?


  1. I'm sure you will enjoy any of them, but my vote is for Spain! :)


  2. Great! I've been everywhere on your list except DC and PR...and I haven't really ever done a road trip. Not more than 6 hours (I don't know if that counts). I'm headed to China this summer. I can't wait.

  3. well summer will indeed be fun when spent that way

  4. I want to get around to traveling to a few new places this summer. I hope I can.


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