May 14, 2013

Updating your resumé

I have what seems like an infinite to-do list for this summer. So many things I need to do and want to do, but one of those projects is a must: update my resume. 

Once you get into college and start applying for anything really, you'll need a resume on file to submit. Summer is the perfect time to update your resume, and I've broken down the tips for updating into three categories of students (high school students entering college, current college students, and recent grads).

Prospective college students
When creating your resume and LinkedIn profile, be sure to include: high school clubs, outside organizations, jobs (even babysitting), your high school GPA and graduation information, what you plan to major in, your career goal/objective, any relevant skills, any awards/scholarships you've received, any other interesting/relevant experiences

Current college students
Sections of your resume you should update: 
Update your GPA
If your major/career plans change, make changes
Update the skills you've acquired over the school year
Add any new study/work abroad experiences 
Add any organizations and leadership positions in those organizations
Add any internships and part-time work

Recent college grads
Your objective should be the career/job you're interested in
Include your final GPA and/or major GPA
Include a concise list of skills
Include any awards you've won or degree designations

Other times to update your resume:
After getting a new job/internship
When your GPA changes
When your major or career plans change
After earning awards
After ending a job/internship
After transferring schools
What's your favorite part about your resume? 


  1. I'm working on updating right now, love it!

  2. You make great points and this is a great post! I remember updating my own resume and wanting to put my head through my laptop, bah!

  3. these makes a lot of sense im sure a lot can make this as a refference

  4. wow it's very helpful!

  5. Yay it's very helpful ! ♥
    Kisses, Berries

  6. ugh i hate resumes. this will help though!

  7. Great tips! I need to do mine too :) thanks

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  8. Humm. I should probably do this. But my resume is super boring, there isn't really a favorite part.
    Chic on the Cheap

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