June 04, 2013

"Resolutions" Check-In

It's June already, uh what?
Remember back in January when we made those "resolutions" or for me "Must-Do's" and "realistic goals" that we're supposed to be doing?

Well, how's it going?

For me, my realistic goals are still in progress but actually going well for the most part.

My Must Do's Update:

2. Travel to Miami, California, and New York - I did 2 out of 3. California was incredible and New York was such a fun trip! I'm upset I didn't get to visit my high school best friend, Alex, in Miami before we graduated. But that just means we'll have to take a trip to Miami together this year :)

4. Write a book - shortly after the new year, I finished my book about college & published it in late January. It's been selling really well and I'll have more updates about this soon!

5. Get a job - after lots of applying, rejections, confusion, and waiting...I have a job and plans for my post grad life! And I'm really really excited about them :)

6. Put tennis shoes on every week - this has been a struggle and has been more like every two weeks. But, I have been eating healthier and losing weight by drinking lots of water! Also, I'm almost finished with the squat challenge and have seen results!

7. Save $10 a month for ATL charities - the money is saved and it's time to give!

8. Keep a gratitude journal - I haven't done this...and I know it would be good for me! I think blogging has been a somewhat solution but I'm still in search of a creative way to express all of the aspects of life I'm so grateful for.

That's my update. We still have half a year to get back on track or set new goals.

One of my favorite quotations:


  1. You are doing well! I literally posted about the same exact thing today!! ha Great minds thing alike!

  2. That is such an amazing accomplishment that you wrote a book! You're doing so well with your resolutions.

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  3. Awesome goal accomplishments! You should be very proud of yourself.

  4. good job! the year is still halfway through but then you manage to be most on your list huh

  5. wow! good job!
    thanks for stopping by the other day :)

  6. Good job.=) Congrats on getting your book published.

  7. Congrats on the job - I graduate from university in July and I am job searching now x


  8. That's awesome that u have checked a lot from your resolutions for the year.

  9. I am in love with Cali...plan on moving there asap!
    Congratulations on achieving most of your goals and cheers to new ones!

    Dream. Plan. Execute. Repeat. You're on the right path!

    (Thanks for stopping by my blog today...your comments were greatly appreciated!)



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