December 28, 2012

New Year's Eve fashion

Once you decide on some NYE plans, the next big decision is WHAT TO WEAR?! It's a daily struggle for me, but NYE is especially difficult. Your outfit should make a statement similar to "I'm excited for a new year and a new me," or something similar. 

I love this holiday because glitter/sequins/sparkles are highly encouraged (and those are my favorite). But if that's not quite your thing, an all black ensemble or a bright color always works too :)

Pinterest is a great tool for outfit ideas -- I've collected some of my favorites that would work for NYE as inspiration. Enjoy! <3


Golden Christian Louboutin Booties

J. Crew Janey Glitter Flats

Color Block Peep Toe

Gold and Black Pumps

All that glitters...

Rachel Gilbert

Posh Posh


Bold Colors...

Purple Sequin Bow Dress

Little Black Dress

For the guys...

Men's Chic

Men's Chic

Men Chic

Make Up...


Kate Spade Glitter Belt

Firecracker Earrings

Kate Spade Gemstones

Glitter Clutch
Glitter Bow Clutch


  1. i dont wear formal attire so i can relate to that
    anyways ouch for the shoes and thumbs up for the dresses

    happy new year

  2. Love these sparkling items!!!
    Love the both pumps, the dresses and the accessories!!!

  3. Third dress and forth pair of shoes. Send them to me now please!

    I've not even thought about what I am going to wear yet!

    Corinne x

  4. glitter, sequins and sparkles are in full effect. you can't go wrong.

  5. Dat eye make-up.
    Dat Kate Spade bracelet.

  6. Those gold booties. I can't even. I love your blog, it's fantastic! New follower here :)

    xo Abbey

  7. Thank you dear :)
    Love all the shoes and dresses, but the Gold and Black Pumps are just gorgeous!
    Lots of kisses*


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