July 05, 2012

What's your ATL IQ?


1. The Atlanta state capitol building is layered with 43 ounces of pure _______?
2. The world's largest 10K race that is held in Atlanta is called _____________?
3. ATL is home to what 2 Nobel Peace Prize Winners?
4. ITP and OTP stand for what?
5. The oldest ballet company in the world is called ___________?
6. One of the largest single masses of exposed granite in the world is _____________?
7. The full name of the ATL airport is __________________?
8. Our current mayor is ___________?
9. The tallest building in Georgia is _____________?
10. What ATL restaurant/landmark opened in 1928?
11. What does MARTA stand for?
12. What campaign was created in 1996 to reduce pollution in ATL?
13. ATL hosted the Summer Olympic Games in _____?
14. The official name for a resident of Atlanta is an _________?


1. Gold
2. Peachtree Road Race
3. Martin Luther King Jr. and Jimmy Carter
4. Inside the Perimeter; Outside of the Perimeter
5. Atlanta Ballet Company
6. Stone Mountain
7. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport
8. Kasim Reed
9. Bank of America Plaza
10. The Varsity (The world's largest drive-in)
11. Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority
12. The Clean Air Campaign
12. 1996
14. Atlantan

0-3 correct answers: Tourist status - you know about as much as someone visiting the A for the first time!
4-7 correct answers: ATLien in training - you're still learning about this great city!
8-11 correct answers: ATL survivor - you know just enough to get by!
12-14 correct answers: True ATLien - congrats, you know & love your city!

Leave a comment with your ATL IQ! <3

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