July 10, 2012

Grazie {Italy}

Grazie (thank you), Italy, for a wonderful weekend! I was a little hesitant to travel outside of Spain after such an interesting experience in Paris. But, Italy was simply amazing. We went to Milan, Italy - it was the cheapest option and seemed promising. Besides the expected activities (shopping & eating), we also did some sight seeing and enjoyed the culture and people of Italia. I can't wait to return and visit other cities in this beautiful country!

The mannequins had lots of attitude

Cute shorts!

Super cute shoes!

Very cute

Just models walking down the street...normal

Graphic t-shirts

I saw lots of people wearing these

Love these colored pants

Cute clutches

Love these colored heels

Metallic swim suits

So many great scarves in Italia!

Cheetah/leaopord print everything

Ties, made in Italy!

Ham and cream sauce with pasta

Posing with Marteki on the streets of Milan

I loved the buildings!

Pizza! It was delicious 

Beautiful building just for shopping & eating

Outside of the Bank of Milan



Yum, carbohydrates

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