July 02, 2012

Beat the heat {ATL frozen treats}

I was dreading coming to Spain just a little after hearing about their 100+ degree weather and unfamiliarity with the phenomenon of air conditioning. Imagine my happiness when I arrived and it hasn't really been above 100 degrees, and the air in our residence is similar to the Arctic! :) Hallelujah!

But I have heard from many sources how miserable, unbearable, and painfully hot it has been in ATL recently and I honestly feel your pain. Even after living in Georgia for over 20 years, I'm still not used to, nor do I appreciate our summer weather. When you get the strength to brave those sun rays, head to one of these spots to cool down and enjoy your day!

Frozen Yogurt

Yogli Mogli - We have one on campus and it is always a good idea! They have great toppings and great flavors - I love mixing the French Vanilla, Raspberry, and Georgia Peach!

Yoforia - During the school year, I make frequent visits to Yoforia, and it's also a great place to meet up with people. I really love their Taro flavor, it's difficult to describe. But it tastes really really refreshing!


King of Pops - The best thing about KoP is how many crazy and delicious flavors they have! Coconut Lemongrass, Mexican Chocolate, Arnold Palmer, Apple Spinich Ginger, Blackberry Mojito...the list goes on and on!!!

Ice Cream

Kilwin's - I'm not a huge sweets fan, but whenever I walk into Kilwin's at Atlantic Station, I reconsider. It's a candy, chocolate, sweets, and ice cream wonderland. Besides their freshly made candy apples and white chocolate pretzels/rice krispies/oreos (my favorites!), they also have really delicious ice cream. Great place to go when the yogurt isn't enough!

Italian Ice

Rita's - Everything on their menu is worth trying at least once! They have frozen custard, gelatin, cream ice, sugar free Italian ice, and just regular Italian ice. Yum. Yum. Yum.

Stay cool, ATL! <3

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