June 03, 2014

Weekend in Montgomery, Alabama

I spent this past weekend in Montgomery, Alabama (just about two hours away from Atlanta) visiting family members. I went with my parents for our annual family trip, but this year we decided to visit other family for our trip. My cousins live there and have two young children that are too cute for words. Both kids had events going on during the weekend, a dance recital and a PreK graduation. So, it was the perfect time for us to go visit them.

Mom and me by the Alabama River
Little graduate!

I loved the Downtown Montgomery area - full of historic civil rights sites, beautiful modern buildings, and lots of great restaurants. 

We spent a few hours walking around this area since it was near our hotel. 

We also walked down to the Riverfront area and got great views of the Alabama River.

Overall, it was a much needed and very enjoyable time with family. 

Have you ever been to Alabama?


  1. Nothing like visiting family and cousin and even better when you have kids around
    Great view from the river
    Keep in touch

  2. Such cute second cousins! I've been to the Gulf Shore in AL and it was gorgeous.

  3. Oh he's so cute in his robe! And he sure looks proud!

    Alabama looks gorgeous! Would love to visit someday.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  4. I've never been to Alabama

  5. little graduate...so cute...
    nice pics

  6. I have never been to Alabama... it has so many historical places I would love to see though... :) It's nice that you were able to connect with more family Vett :)

  7. My best friend from undergrad lives in Birmingham and I had a blast visiting her there! Love your hair!

  8. Your cousins are so cute!


  9. yes! i've been all over AL. most recently was driving back from FL!

  10. Awww this is so cute! Your cousins are giving me cuteness overload right now lol. I went to AL once to see Tuskeegee, but other than that, wasn't able to happen upon some of the dynamic views you were able to see. It's a beautiful city. Thanks for sharing :)


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