June 10, 2014

Removable wallpaper {Murals Your Way}

Since my roommate and I are staying in our place for another year, we've been discussing ways to decorate our apartment more so that it feels "new." I stumbled upon this great site, Murals Your Way, that offers removable wallpaper designs for any room. What I love about this site is the variety of wallpaper designs and the option to create your own design! I'm interested in adding removable wallpaper to my bedroom (navy) and to our living room (green, earth tone). These are also perfect for college dorm rooms or suites. Check out some of my favorites below!

Have you ever used removable wallpaper in your home or apartment?


  1. Nice wall papers. Though we don't use them in India but if I did to pick , I would have picked the baby blue one, second one in the last lane
    Keep in touch

  2. Love that concept!


  3. I don't have much wallpaper in the house

  4. Hello from Spain: great wallpaper. I have no paper on the walls of my house. I have painted walls. Keep in touch

  5. These sound awesome! I've been trying to find a way around painting (for my new store front) and now I'm glad you provided an answer =D

    On another note: How ironic is it that the person's name posted above me is Marta. It must be fate haha

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  6. One more genius invention we should have thought of first! That zebra is kinda amazing. Wondering if my husband would notice if I added it to just a wall or two ha...

  7. This is such a good idea for someone who lives in an apartment and has specific wall decorating restrictions!

  8. Vett, I have never used removable wall paper, it is intriguing. You will have to let me know if you use it and how it went. This is something I would love to use for my daughter now that she becoming a teen :)

  9. I've not done wallpaper, but the thought of removable makes me more apt to do so as it allows for easier removal. :) Some great patterns here! T. http://tickedpinkwoman.blogspot.com


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