June 01, 2014

June fitness challenge {Sculpt Session via Popsugar}

I just got home from our weekend family trip to Alabama! It was such a great trip (pics to come!), but I'm exhausted. Before I head to sleep, I wanted to share the fitness challenge I'm doing for the month of June. The May Fitness Challenge was tough but really helped tone some areas. I think this June "sculpt session" by Popsugar will also be awesome. I'm about to try it now - let me know if you decide to do it too! :)


  1. this looks like a great workout to get ready for summer!

  2. This is a great June challenge. definitely will have to try this.

  3. the swimming one looks rather awkward to do

  4. Hello from Spain: Great exercises. The sport is very healthy. I do sports every day. Keep in touch

  5. This will be perfect for bikini season Vett!


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