June 27, 2014

Eating in ATL {True Food Kitchen}

Tuesday night marked an Atlanta first for me. I got to try out a new restaurant on it's opening day! My friend Morgan and I met for dinner at True Food Kitchen's newest location (Buckhead/Atlanta). Ever since I incorporated clean eating into my lifestyle, I've been searching for healthy restaurant options in Atlanta. So imagine my excitement when I heard True Food Kitchen was coming to Atlanta. 

True Food Kitchen's motto is "honest food that tastes really good." And their menu totally supports that mindset. I was so indecisive in ordering because everything sounded so good. I love how creative they get with fruits and vegetables to create delicious, unique, and healthy meals.

Morgan and I both ordered one of their Natural Refreshments. I ordered the Cucumber Refresher (cucumber & honey lemonade) and Morgan ordered the Watermelon Lemonade (watermelon and honey lemonade). When you go, you have to try one of these drinks! For our appetizer we ordered the Caramelized Onion Tart (highly recommended by two staff members) and now I know why. This tart was the perfect starter for our dinner and the ingredients work together so well.

For my meal I ordered the Inside Out Quinoa Burger which came with these diced sweet potatoes.

This. Burger. Was. Everything. I have had enough burgers in my life to judge the good from the bad and this was the healthiest burger I've had and one of the most delicious. So the quinoa actually makes up the "buns" of the burger and the veggies & hummus are on the inside. It's brilliant and it was such a filling and satisfying meal.

Morgan ordered the Red Chili Shrimp (also highly recommend by a staff member) and it was so good! Tasted better than most shrimp dishes I've had and way fewer calories. And she said she was full after her meal.

True Food Kitchen is attached to Lenox Mall, near the new Sprinkles Cupcakes! They have valet parking and free parking for the lot and garage. Even though it was their opening day, the food, service, and atmosphere were on point! I would go to this place every week if it was closer to my home/work. But I will absolutely be back very soon!


  1. Ooooo everything looks nice! Now I'm anxious to come back just for the food!...and fun with you of course!

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  2. Beyond intrigued by this burger you had! Kinda want to attempt to recreate it, but then again, maybe I'll just wait till we go to ATL again ha. Happy weekend!

  3. Are stayer with such clean food , I so want to try that tart
    Keep in touch

  4. I love that you're never afraid to try different food Vett, this place looks quite tasty!


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