June 07, 2014

Red and pink sky in Atlanta

So, two nights ago we had an insane thunder storm here in Atlanta. I watched it progress from my apartment window and the sky literally changed from black to brown to orange to red to purple to pink with strong bolts of lightening in the mix! And then a rainbow appeared. It was crazy and beautiful. Check out the Instagram repost I shared.


  1. I saw this picture when you posted it and couldn't believe the color of the sky, so pretty! They say pink skies mean beautiful weather for the next day.

  2. I saw this picture on your instagram and liked it... wow, what awesome colors Vett :)

  3. Absolutely stunning ... doesn't even look real!

  4. Omgsh, yes! My roommate and I were in our apartment and I just kept going "look! look!" while frantically pointing at the window. We wound up risking the lightening to go on our back balcony to get a better picture than from indoors. So crazy!


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