June 12, 2014

Blogger interactions

I finally got to meet a blogger friend in real life! This is one of my goals for age 23, and I'm happy that the first blogger friend I met was Eesh. She was in Atlanta last weekend, visiting from the Bahamas and  I met her and her friend at Starbucks. We got to talk about the things we've both blogged about and about her stay in Atlanta. Thanks for this photo, Eesh, it was awesome connecting with you :)

Meghan has been one of my favorite fashion bloggers for a while now. She wears great, affordable outfits and I am so impressed with her day job as an oceanographer for the US Navy. Meghan posted several outfits wearing the "Live Your Dreams" bracelet I designed for Carolina Clover - thank you, Meg!

I had the pleasure of meeting Tami at a shopping event she hosted in Atlanta last year. She is one of my blogger role models, so when she posted this photo on Instagram and I read her post about what this "Believe" bracelet I designed for Carolina Clover means to her…it made my day!! Thank you, Tami :)

Have you had any special interactions with a blogger friend or met up in real life?


  1. Isn't is so fun when you meet blogger friends in real life, we did a local meet up a couple months back and it was so nice!

  2. nice pic..i love your bracelet

  3. So cool!!! I'm still hoping to have a blogger date some day in the future.

  4. Lo mejor del mundo blogger son las amistades que surgen de el, estáis muy guapas!

  5. There are so many blogger friends I want to meet... I really need to have a few months to travel the world and meet them all... :) Hopefully I get to meet a few :)

  6. Nobody so far, Atlanta is a great tourist destination. Spartanburg, SC is something people drive past on the interstate.

  7. Hoping to add you to that list very soon! Lol, I'm glad you got to cross off meeting a blogger in real life off of your bucket list, but sad it couldn't be me. I've definitely met a blogger friend in real time that I love. She's dope, her name is Chymere, we be vibin' like there's no tomorrow. She's cool peoples, very cool peoples.

    And the fact that that blogger was wearing the bracelet you designed? Awesome! Proud of you chica!

  8. Getting the chance to meet a blogger is definitely on my bucket list. I think it would be so cool to interact with someone outside the blogging world. It's cool you were able to cross this off your bucket list

  9. I love this post! So glad you've been able to meet some blog friends in real life! Your life is always so exciting!

    Kole | Life With Kolbi

  10. Girl I can't wait to meet some of my blogger friends! This definitely on my bucket list!!! So cool!

  11. How nice! I've met people IRL from other forms of social media, haven't met up with a fellow blogger. Hope to eventually!

  12. it feels so good to meet a blogger friend in real life

  13. You are SO awesome! I enjoyed meeting you and can't wait to do something adventurous in the future =D

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  14. Hello from Spain: the best of the blog is to meet wonderful people. I knew two girls I visited their blogs. Keep in touch

  15. Hey girl, lets stay in touch!!!



    See you soon!


  16. That is so awesome that you meant Eesh! I love her. Gorgeous picture of the both of you!


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