January 15, 2014

23 to-do's for age 23

I am now 23 and 1 day old! The great thing about having a birthday toward the beginning of the year is that my goals for that year of life are usually tied to my goals for that year. But this year I separated my promises for 2014 and the to-do's I have for my year of being 23. I like smaller to-do lists and find the super large ones a little intimidating. But this one is a great guide for my year of being 23 and although it may be challenging to complete, I know it's possible.

Progress: 17/23 complete
  1. Launch VKV/Communications Firm website/blog {Jan. 2014}
  2. Find out my blood type
  3. Have a 4.0 spring semester, Have a 4.0 fall semester
  4. Discover a new charity/non profit in Atlanta and give to it {Jan. 2014}
  5. Leave the country
  6. Try a non-vegetable sushi {Jan. 2014}
  7. Meet up with at least 3 bloggers {Eesh in June 2014, Chymere & Sheriden in July 2014}
  8. Take a weekend trip with a friend/friends/family {Alabama with family May/June 2014}
  9. Take a weekend trip with the boy {March 2014}
  10. Organize the folders on my MacBook {March 2014}
  11. Save $1,000 {March 2014}
  12. Finish my second book
  13. Go 3 months without putting heat on my hair {April 25 -June 27, July 28 - September 28}
  14. Become a Pescatarian {I haven't eaten meat since March 2014}
  15. Go skydiving
  16. Get my Starbucks Gold Member Card {Feb. 2014}
  17. Design/create a piece of jewelry {March 2014} + have successful sales of the jewelry 
  18. Change my hair color {April 2014}
  19. Reach 1 million views for RCSOATL {860K as of Dec. 1}
  20. Make a new friend
  21. Workout for 30+ min. every day for an entire month {April 2014}
  22. Meet the President
  23. Transform my closet/wardrobe from college to grown woman {April/May 2014}

What do you think of my list?

Regardless of your age, you can make one (18 for age 18, 50 for age 50, etc.) this year and start on your birthday! Let me know if/when you decide to make your own list so I can check it out!

I'll keep you posted on my progress over the next 365 days!


  1. Love your list, way to make it happen! I'm with you on the 4.0 semester, that's my goal right now too!!

  2. Hello from Spain: your list is fabulous. You already are a grown woman and very well organized. Keep in touch

  3. Great list Vett, I am sure you will attain many of them, I want to go zip lining... I am little too fearful of sky diving but I think it is great that you want to do this... have a great rest of the week :)

  4. Love the list!
    I think I will be making one for my birthday next week :)

  5. Great list girl! Great things are coming for you! You are well on your way! Welcome to the 23 year old club!


  6. Girllll those are ambitious but SUPER inspiring and impressive goals!!! best of luck, excited to see you go through the journey of 23!!!

  7. I also would like to meet the President one day, but realize the chances are pretty slim especially living in SC. Even meeting Bill Clinton would be hard even though he does do book tours when he writes a new one.

  8. I love this idea!! B & I may need to do it for our birthday in June (24!!). I'm excited to read blog posts about your upcoming weekend trips & skydiving excursion! You're going to LOVE it! & I highly suggest bungy-jumping, as well!

    xo, K

  9. Great list! Hope to help you with #7 ;) I love creating these types of lists and skydiving sounds so fun, it's funny because I was thinking about making that my plan B for my birthday this year, but I'm determined to make my plan A happen, so we'll see :)

  10. Love these goals, excited to hear about how you check off each one this year!

  11. These are all such great goals! I hope you had a wonderful Birthday Vett!


  12. You're so brave! #15 seems so scary! I'd recommend donating blood to help with #2 since they should tell you your blood type if you donate and then you'll be helping some one!

  13. Hello! Just came across your blog, and I love this list! I amcurrently working on one for myself, so thanks for sharing! Happy belated birthday!

    -Courtney (from www.myfriendcourt.com)

  14. This is a pretty great list Vett! I especially love "Meet the President".

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise


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