January 28, 2014

Eating in ATL {STRIP Steak Seafood Sushi}

When one of my friends said she was having her birthday dinner at STRIP in Atlantic Station, I knew I had to bring my camera and blog about my experience.

First of all, the venue itself is awesome
 I've lived in Atlanta for 5ish years and had never been to STRIP - shameful, I know. I know their sign says "Steak, Seafood, and Sushi," but I wasn't prepared for all of the options on the menu!

My Shrimp Tempura Roll
I started off with a sushi roll, and several other people at the table did the same thing. We all enjoyed our sushi. I took photos of pretty much everyone's meals so you could see the yummy variety STRIP offers. And I was pleasantly surprised that they do so many different types of foods so well.

Crunchy Roll
Spinach Dip
Salmon w/ Green Beans
Pork Chop
Turkey Burger

Seafood Platter
Loaded Mashed Potatoes
My Salmon & Green Beans
My. Meal. Was. Perfect
If you like mac & cheese…you have to order the mac & cheese.

My Macaroni & Cheese

Did I mention I tried non-veggie sushi? For the first time!! And it was amazing. That's an item I can check off my to-do list for this year (#23todos). 

I absolutely loved my dining experience at STRIP and I can't believe that was my first visit. It was really crowded all throughout the night, so clearly others know about this gem located at Atlantic Station. I will definitely be back (for more shrimp tempura rolls!)


  1. Wow. SO hungry after looking at this. We'll be in Atlanta next month and just may have to check this out!

  2. I love the Strip and the atmosphere is ideal for any occasion
    looking at these pictures just made me hungry and it has been
    a long time since I've, think it's time to pay a visit.

  3. My fiancee Daisy loves sushi, though they usually are too expensive to have all the time.

  4. Wooow we are hungry now! We are going to try the sushi this weekend in a party!!!


  5. I enjoyed this place when I visited on a trip to Atlanta. Very trendy & delicious!!

  6. I've lived in Atlanta 10 years, and I've never been either but it's on my to-do list :) There are a couple of places in Atlantic Station I need to try actually. I love the 'Places I eat in Atlanta' posts you do, very cool!

    - Zauni | The Kind Side

  7. Oh my gosh my paleo self is drooling over that sushi right now, it looks SO good. Great pics!

  8. I'm now STARVING after that post! I'll definitely have to check it out when I visit Atlanta!

    XX, SS | seersuckersass.blogspot.com

  9. Yumminess! I love this place, it's where I had my bday dinner last year! Great pics, the food looks awesome :)

  10. Que buena pinta tiene el sushi!!!! Me lo comerĂ­a ahora mismo, jejeje!
    Me encanta el jersey de brillito!

  11. This post is making me so hungry, everything looks so delicious!



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