January 26, 2014

Ice skating in Atlanta {Atlantic Station}

Going ice skating in Atlanta has been on my winter bucket list, and I finally got to do it this weekend! On Friday afternoon, my boyfriend and I went to Atlantic Station for some outdoor ice skating and it was so much fun. Ice skating + a great view of the city + a great price! There are several places to go ice skating in Atlanta during the winter season, but I'm happy we picked Atlantic Station's ice skating rink. It's a good size, free 2-hour parking, organized, a great price, they have a nearby snack bar/food truck, and it's a family environment.

The rink is really pretty around Christmas time with all of the decorations and colored lights. However, it was still a great environment when we went on Friday. By no means am I great at skating on ice, but I wasn't terrible either…I didn't fall once! Growing up, I had one or two birthday parties at an ice skating rink, and I think I remembered some of those skills ;)

I tried doing some tricks on the ice, like this spin move :)

The rink is open now until Feb. 14, so if you haven't been yet…go!
Tickets are $10 for students & $13 for adults.
Read more details here.

Have you ever been ice skating, and what'd you think?


  1. oh, how cool is that! I didn't go skating this winter, but I'd love to! Thank you for an idea;):):)
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  2. I haven't been skating for years, we have what is called a homemade rink called the Oval which they set up on our huge Commons, it is actually free and they have skates you can borrow... I have promised myself I will be going this year... hopefully I don't fall... lol:)

  3. I haven't been skating for year ;/
    great post


  4. it's much tougher than roller skating

  5. I love ice skating! Haven't done it since I lived in Indiana. lol I should have done this before I left. *tear* Looks like you had fun!


  6. Sounds like so much fun! I am a terrible ice skater!

  7. Loved that spin!

    I've never been ice skating. I guess I don't travel around the winter time to places that would allow it. It's definitely on my bucket list though.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  8. I forgot that Atlantic Station had Ice Skating and I could only imagine how it pretty it looked during the Christmas holidays.

  9. Hello from Spain: I also really like skating. It is a very relaxing sport. Nice pictures on skates. Keep in touch

  10. I haven't been ice skating in a couple of years so I'm way overdue! I didn't know there was a rink in Atlantic Station so I must check it out before it closes

  11. I tried ice skating once as an adult and it was the most terrifying 10 seconds of my life. This is one activity i will leave for those much younger than me.

  12. I haven't been ice skating since middle school, It looks like so much fun!



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