January 10, 2014

In case you missed it...

Happy Friday! I don't have class today and I'm taking a break from finishing up my new website. Instead, I'm getting my hair straightened! #NoHeatDecember officially ends today after 1.5 months of not putting heat on my hair! I can't wait to show you pictures :)

I wanted to share some funny/interesting/thought provoking/ridiculous things I've found on the Internet. recently.

Enjoy some of my favorite recent posts on the web!

6 Most Popular TED Talks

If you haven't watched a TED Talk, why not?! They're super popular among students at Georgia Tech. I love watching successful and inspirational people give powerful addresses about interesting topics. The Huffington Post collected the six most popular TED Talks from 2013! Take some time this weekend to watch a few (or all of them like I did). You will feel so inspired!

Amazing Photos of a Little Girl Growing Up Among Wildlife in Africa
This totally reminded me of Eliza Thornberry, remember that show? These photos are just plain adorable and the article is great too!

This was just ridiculous but I couldn't stop looking! Selfie Olympics..people competing all over the internet to take the most outlandish selfies…I'll let you explore for yourself!

This totally used to be me. But one of my 2014 promises..unplugging.

If you've heard Beyonce's new album, or any of her songs, and you have a basic understanding of the Disney princesses..you will literally lol at this. 

I know I complained about the cold weather here in ATL, but Chicago has been dealing with some serious cold. Look at these photos of Chicago frozen over…insane.


  1. The "Selfie Olympics" Smh that would be my sister

  2. I love TED talks! I will definitely have to check out the Selfie Olympics, that sounds very entertaining!


  3. Apparently I'm not addicted to the Internet enough. NEW RESOLUTION FOR 2014.

  4. I am addicted to the internet... oh well... there are worse things... lol

    I have heard about Chicago... my oldest daughter lives about 3 hours outside of it in Wisconsin... the cold has been crazy... I hope everyone keeps warm :)

  5. Those photos of Chicago are unreal! Brrrr! The Selfie Olympics are hilarious.

  6. I am definitely addicted to the internet and I'm okay with that, haha!

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