January 19, 2014

Eating in ATL {Chick-a-Biddy}

Not to be confused with Chick-fil-A, Chick-a-Biddy , is a relatively new food spot in Midtown Atlanta…and I'm obsessed. It's located at Atlantic Station (great parking, near shopping, convenient to other places in Atlanta) and the food is really, really good. The first time I went was over Christmas break with my roommate, and they were super crowded. We both agreed that the food was good, but couldn't really get a good feel for the restaurant because there were so many people. So, I went back.

Yesterday was actually my fourth visit since they opened, but the first time I remembered to bring my camera so I could blog about it! I suggested that my friend Hannah and I eat at Chick-a-Biddy for lunch because I was craving their brussels sprouts - the best!

Hannah got the 1/4 chicken breast with brussels sprouts and roasted veggies
I got the chicken burger with key lime mayo,
brussels sprouts, and mac & cheese

P.S. I never eat mayo, I'm just not a fan. But when our waitress said "key lime mayo," I knew I had to try it. And I'm so glad I did. Gamechanger.

They have gluten free options, healthy options, and the menu is moderately-priced. They also have really delicious and unique sauces…(like key lime mayonnaise) and wasabi honey!

Meals from other visits (mine and friend's)

It's one of my new favorite spots in ATL for a quick meal with great options. And they have a frequent visitor card…I should probably get one of those.. :)

Which dish looks the best to you?


  1. Yum yum. I'm dying to go to Atlanta just for the food.

  2. well at first I thought it may of been a clone of chikfila because of the name, but it does look like a much different style.

  3. omg that Chicken looks good! I can't wait to go back to my roots!!!! lol 1 more month and i'll be there!

  4. Mmmmm! That chicken looks good!!!

  5. Wow this looks AMAZING. Especially love the mac & cheese – my weakness :)

    xo, K

  6. oh my....key lime mayo.....sounds delicious!!

  7. My mouth is watering, everything looks so yummy!

  8. This looks amazing! I think I've actually passed this spot a couple of times. It's cool that they have healthy eating options, I may have to drop in and try those brussel sprouts and see if that can be my gamechanger ;) Beautiful photos btw :)

    The Indie Byline

  9. I can't wait to check this place out. I think I will make a trip to good ol' Atlantic Station this weekend to try it out.

  10. Oh my gosh, YUM! I love Mac and cheese, and theirs looks SO yummy!

  11. I've been wanting to try this spot! I guess if you've been 4 times, it's probably worth a visit. That'll be my main objective next time i'm at Atlantic Station.


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