January 04, 2014

My {Lifeguard Press} birthday wish list

My birthday is coming up in less than two weeks! So I'm doing a few posts from my favorite online shops, sharing my wish lists! Having a birthday in January has always been a little chaotic because it's right after the holidays and I don't get much time to plan or share plans about celebrating. But it always works out!

I love winter because I celebrate for months (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, birthday, new school semester, Valentine's Day!). So consider this a wish list for both my birthday and back-to-school! I hope you enjoy viewing this series as much as I enjoyed crafting it :)

Here's my Lifeguard Press birthday wish list:

What month is your birthday in?


  1. Love your picks, I desperately need a mobile charger. I might just have to order that Lilly one from lifeguard!

  2. Happy Birthday month!! I love all of your wish list picks!


  3. nice wish list..i like the first cover and the umbrella...so cute

  4. I love the neon nesting boxes... too cute Vett :)

  5. Nice! I'll take something like that in June (my bday month) or sooner.

    Great to meet you. Thanks for commenting on my blog. I hope to see you back there, and I'm you newest follower.


  6. My birfday is in September. I would so be asking for the charger. I actually almost bought one the other day when I went to pick-up my sisters Christmas Present.


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