January 16, 2014

In Living Color Makeup Artist {Elizabeth Etefia}

Although my birthday outfit was pretty simple, I wanted my hair and makeup to make a statement. So, I decided to have my makeup professionally done by In Living Color Makeup Artistry by Elizabeth Etefia. I went to high school with Elizabeth and although I haven't seen her in years, we've stayed connected through social media and I love all of the photos she posts of her makeup jobs.

 I typically wear eyeshadow and lipstick when I go out…and that's it. So getting my makeup seriously done was a leap of faith and really exciting!

Elizabeth came over to my place and did my makeup for me after I got dressed for my birthday dinner. She came on time, was really prepared and we discussed what she would do before she got started. I've always wanted a smokey eye look, so I requested that!

First, she did my eyebrows, hehe!

I appreciated Elizabeth explaining her tools, brands, and method while she was doing my makeup. She made me feel really comfortable with the entire process.

It took her about an hour to complete my look and apply the lashes!

I loved the finished product.

And loved the photo shoot that followed.

My friends loved my look and so did strangers! I'm really happy I chose to get my makeup done for my birthday, and even happier that I chose Elizabeth to do it.

If you live in the Atlanta area and you want your makeup done for a special event or for photos, I definitely suggest Elizabeth. I can't wait to get my makeup done by her again!

See more faces she's done here.

What do you think? And have you ever gotten your makeup professionally done?


  1. I've always done my own make up, but I would be really interested to get it done. You look gorgeous, such a great look!!

  2. Your makeup looks just amazing , beautiful eyes and such a lovely lip color

  3. Amazing result, you are beautiful, she's an artist!


  4. The make up is lovely Vett... you look beautiful regardless but it just enhances your beauty... :)

  5. She did an amazing job! You looked gorgeous!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Such a glam and pretty look!! Love it!

    xoxo Miss ALK

  7. Face is beat! YES!

    You're gorgeous hun! Not just here but everyday. You've just got a lil extra special twinkle in your eye, 'Tis all :)
    Hope you enjoyed your birthday dinner.

    Eesh | The Other Side of Paradise

  8. Your makeup looks beautiful, she did a great job!


  9. Love that smoky eye!!! No matter how hard I try I can never make it look as good as the pro's do it. Why not feel super special on your birthday?

  10. i've never had my make-up done professionally, can't afford that haha! but your make-up is so lovely, you look beautiful, girl! x

  11. Gorgeous make up look Vett, you look so beautiful :)

  12. Hello from Spain: I really like your makeup. You're very pretty. Your friend, Elizabeth, is a great makeup artist. . Keep in touch

  13. She did an amazing job Vett! I love that everything blends in. So gorgeous on you!

  14. She did an amazing job, wish we still lived in ATL! Elizabeth would be a wonderful resource. Happy Birthday! You looked amazing


  15. I love that lip color! Hope you had a fun night out!

  16. I love that lipstick! So pretty!

  17. Wow, that makeup looks amazing. She did an amazing job and it suits you so well. I hope you wrote down the process and kept the color palette :)


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