December 30, 2013

#NoHeatDecember {week 4}

This is major. #NoHeatDecember is over after tomorrow, and no heat has touched my hair since November. This is a personal record for me, but it's also fun and exciting knowing that others have completed this natural hair challenge. I honestly had hesitations for this challenge (even though I suggested it on my blog to others), but I stuck to it and had great friends and viewers that helped me stick to it. 

My curl pattern definitely became more defined over the month and I learned to love my hair however it turned out. My hair became free, and so did I. I figured out which products work best for my hair and which ones don't work (something I'd been neglecting since going natural).The style I rocked the most was just a wash-and-go, but I did try some other styles too. Like this low bun.

I think it grew a little, but I know it got a LOT thicker. I'm excited to get it straightened in January and compare older photos!

I'm really happy I had close friends Jade & Jasmine participating in the challenge too. My friend Jade is so great with styling her natural hair and pulling off every single look. 

I loveeee these curls Jade rocked for the last week of December! So fab.

And my friend Jasmine is amazing when it comes to rocking the big hair, I love it!

A HUGE thank you to every lady who participated in #NoHeatDecember!! 


Post to Instagram or Twitter using the #NoHeatDecember or mention me so I can check out your look! 

After tomorrow, we can officially say that #WeDidIt! I appreciate your participation and I'm sure your hair appreciates the break from the heat! What a great way to end the year…with another goal completed. Look out for my post in January with my hair straightened for my birthday!



  1. i love your hair...funny pics.. and beautiful smile..
    kisses and happy new year

  2. Well done on sticking to the plan:)
    Anne xx

  3. Awesome fellow naturalista! I think you did amazing this month in not giving your strands any heat and your hair probably did grow a little during the break. Can't wait to compare before and after :) You look so beautiful btw

    The Indie Byline

  4. Hello from Spain. Great plan, I like your hair. Nice pictures. Happy New Year. Keep in touch.

  5. Loved this challenge and love how much you have grown to love your hair completely as it is xo

  6. This is epic, no heat for a complete month.. :)
    Happy New Year

  7. Me encanta tu pelo, tienes unos rizos maravillosos... Estás preciosa!

  8. Congrats on making it through the whole month of December with no heat!


  9. Yes to no heat! Glad for you all:) Heat is bad for types of hair especially curly hair !!!

  10. Congratulations Vett! You did it!

  11. whoa that's a big deal! congrats on getting through it :) It's worth the challenge for thicker, healthier hair.

  12. looks great and thats a long time to go without any heat. your hair looks so good both ways!

  13. I haven't put heat in my hair unconsciously since last October and I'm thinking...I may just go my whole life without it...okay I guess I'm being dramatic, but my hair benefits so much from it. Good luck on your hair journey! ♥


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