December 19, 2013

New Beyoncé album

So Beyoncé released her new album (14 songs, 17 videos) last Friday…and it's already sold over a million copies on iTunes -  a new record for iTunes! Seriously impressive.

 I was gifted the album before I had a chance to buy it :) 
But I really like it! I'm not a mega-Beyoncé  fan/stan, but I have always liked her music and admired her drive. My favorite video is "Blue" and I really like the song "Flawless." I just got to my parents' house for Christmas break and this album will definitely be on repeat!

Have you heard any of the new songs yet or seen the videos? 
What do you think?!

You can buy the album here.


  1. I LOVE IT! Currently on repeat for me as well. I bought it on Monday after running up my sister's album that she bought immediately on Friday lol. My favorites are Flawless (because it's dope, that's a banger for sure), Mine, Drunk in Love, Yonce, Ghost - now that I'm naming my fav vids I'm realizing that my list is a little long lol. That woman is fire.

    The Indie Byline

    1. I love Mine & Drunk in Love so much too!! Haha, I think everyone's list is long!

  2. Beyonce is a phenomenal woman and not to mention a true game changer. My list isn't that long but the songs I have been on repeat since the drop are of course drunk in love, mine, and for jealous <---- idk what it is about that song but it speaks volumes to me lol.

  3. Ugh I havent had the chance to download it yet but I hear it's amazing!

  4. I don't even know about the album.. I am going to check it out not
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  5. I have heard this CD is amazing! She is a great entertainer!


  6. I had just posted something on my twitter about her the Thursday night before the big release because she was in town here for a concert - I was fangirl-ing big time - ...then the next day she had her album out and I was like, OMG Beyonce rules the world! LOL LOL!! I can't wait to get the album for Christmas. :)

  7. I like the album too. I am really embarrassed to say I love the song "Blow" not necessarily for the raunchy lyrics, but it is great music to listen to while I am at the gym and it's catchy.

  8. I love it! Love. Love. Love. Love it. I love drunk in love, partition and blow. Haunted and No Angel are my fav videos. Shes a great performer!

  9. She did that. Stan or not, gotta respect the hustle. And I do love the album, yes.

  10. Bought the album and I'm in love! I have way too many fav but my top 5 are drunk in love, flawless, pretty hurts, blue and grown woman!!!

  11. It was a big thing and shock when it was released. I haven't listened to the songs.

  12. As far as I'm concerned, Beyoncè can do no wrong! I think it's pretty sweet she managed to pull this off!


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