December 31, 2013

MY 2014 promises to myself

I shared my 2014 goal setting method in this post - "promises to myself" - and already it's gotten lots of views, repins, retweets, you name it. I think it's a simple, yet personal way to set a diverse group of goals. After you fill in the template for your personal promises, read them out loud to yourself and keep the printable somewhere you'll see it often as a reminder. As the year goes by, these promises will stick with you because you've made them for you

In 2014, I promise myself that...

I will finally finish writing my next book.
I have two book projects in the works, but haven't completed either and I really want to. Writing and publishing a book was a goal for 2013 and that happened in January, so I'm hoping to finish this next book project in early 2014.

I will stop taking on too many projects at once.
Speaking of projects..I'm limiting myself to 3 projects a month. I can get carried away with working because I love the work I'm doing and it's genuinely fun for me. But at the same time, I don't want the work to become too stressful or takeover, so I'm limiting the projects I take on simultaneously.

I will start opening up more to those I trust.
Although I'm a blogger and communications lover, I'm still a pretty private person. Only my closest friends and family know the deep stuff. I definitely share aspects of my life on my blog, but I also definitely keep a lot of things to myself. I'm an internalizer, introvert, thinker, and I typically process emotions and situations on my own. I know this will be a year full of adventure and I'm prepared to open up more to my loved ones and experience the thrills of life with them.

I will eat more green vegetables.
I started clean eating the second half of 2013 and it's been fantastic. Since I'm anemic, I have to eat foods with iron and green vegetables qualify. I'm promising to incorporate green veggies into my daily diet, just like sweet tea is in my weekly diet.

I will visit Las Vegas with friends.
Doesn't everyone want to do this once they reach age 21? I'm not even interested in gambling, but I am kind of dying to visit Vegas and have a low key version of the Hangover adventure with some friends! Maybe Spring Break or maybe summer? I'm promising myself that it will happen.

I will save $25 a month.
Saving is such an issue for me. Spending is so easy for me. So I had to include a savings promise into my list. I think $25 is doable, and it's nice knowing that at the end of the year I'll have saved $300!

I will volunteer 40+ hours this year.
I'm very involved in an Atlanta nonprofit, Foreverfamily, so most of my volunteering takes place within that organization. But I want to do more in my community. In high school and college there were hour requirements for philanthropy. It's tedious to have a self-requirement, but it works! I do plan to go above those 40 hours before the year ends!

I will dedicate more time to my family.
The older I get, the more I realize how precious family time truly is. Family makes me crazy, but at the same time I'm always craving more laughs, experiences, and memories with them. I'm reminded daily that time with my loved ones is limited and I plan to continue dedicating more time to my family.

I will read Oprah's book list.
Because books are great, and Oprah's list is awesome - am I right?

I will let go of toxic relationships.
Letting go of relationships is always tough. But I'm getting better at cutting ties with negative influencers or flaky friends. I take relationships seriously and I'm happy having a few close friends, as long as those friends are genuine, encouraging, and ambitious. I want 2014 to be an incredible year, which means I'll need to be surrounded by incredible people.

I will unplug at least twice a month.
Earlier this year I went a day without my iPhone and it was eerily fantastic. As my new company launches, I fear my iPhone and iPad will be attached to my body. That's why I'm promising myself to unplug from electronics/internet/social media at least twice a month and truly take a break from it all.

Those are my promises. 
It's New Year's Eve - what's your goal(s) for 2014? I'm curious!


  1. These are all such great and exciting goals! I hope you have a very Happy New Year and that 2014 is the best year for you yet!


  2. These are awesome goals Vett, I will be doing mine after the New Year... :)

    Good luck with attaining all your goals and have a great New Year!!!

  3. NICE!!

  4. This is such a great list to work on for 2014! Happy New Year!

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  5. Amazing post and I love your blog so much.
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  6. This is a great post, I want to read some books on Oprahs book list as well! Happy New Year Vett!

  7. This was great! Definitely got me thinking :)

  8. All of these sound awesome. Peace and blessings in the new year!

  9. This is fantastic! I love how we both dislike the word "resolution". YUCK! Great goals and promises you have set for yourself.


    The Amkaya Chronicles

  10. I like that you set aside time for volunteering! So sweet of you! :)

  11. These goals are fantastic :) I hope you realise these all :)

  12. Sounds like a good list! Maybe I should make one of these as I only have a few hours left! ;-)

  13. All of these are really awesome Vett and very doable. HAHA about toxic people. You will find a lot of them. I've let go of so many. Happy New Year to you.


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