December 10, 2013

5 ways to celebrate after final exams + graduation posts

Even though I'm not in school, I'm fully aware that finals are going on all over America, ugh! But have no fear, I have some awesome final exam study tips and I'm sharing ways to celebrate once you finish finals!

1. Spend quality time with your family: During finals, the only thing I want is to be home with my family just relaxing. Once you finish your last exam and get home, enjoy that time with the family! Holidays are always jam-packed with activities and it can get overwhelming. It helps to remember that being home is temporary and soon you'll be back in school mode. Make it a fun break from school by having a positive attitude about being home and spending precious time with loved ones.

2. Go to a fun attraction in your city: Finals and school in general sometimes make it difficult to enjoy the city you live in. Every semester after finals, I always went to a fun tourist attraction in Atlanta that I'd never been to because they usually weren't as busy and it was a great way to celebrate another semester completed.

3. Cook a meal you've always wanted to try or eat at a restaurant you've always wanted to try: There's not much time to cook or to go out to a fancy restaurant during busy school times or finals week, I get it. You maybe had one real meal during the entire week...#collegeproblems. Well now is the time to celebrate surviving your finals by treating yourself to a delicious home cooked meal or treating yourself to a nice meal at a new restaurant!

4. Take a break from social media: During finals, you were probably checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest in rotation. I remember spending a ridiculous amount of time on social media during finals week because it was an easy way to procrastinate. Now that you're finished, take.a.break! Put your phone down and enjoy having no obligations!

5. Go shopping (physically, not online): We've all read about the perks of retail therapy. Those don't really apply for online shopping because you're not physically walking around, browsing and seeing the clothes up close. Going shopping with a friend or alone and buying yourself a little treat is always a fun way to celebrate finishing your final exams.

And of course, sleeping is always a celebration after days of not really doing it - am I right?

How else do you celebrate finishing exams?

Congrats to all of my readers who are graduating from high school or college this semester, so exciting! 

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  1. Really enjoyed your post :)
    Please come and enter my $50 Persunmall giveaway.

  2. I like the idea of breaking away from social media and just relaxing. I always used to sleep forever after exams were over. Super cute ideas! And we can still celebrate big projects being completed in the job world :-)

  3. Love these ideas! Such a simple way to kick back relax and reward yourself for all your hard work. I think I should take myself sightseeing somewhere :)

  4. love those ideas !! I will definitely try them


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