December 06, 2013

Christmas at the Georgia Capitol

Photo by Andrea Briscoe
It's Christmas time at the Capitol! On Wednesday, I got to work/attend the annual lighting of the Capitol Christmas tree and it was such a fun and special ceremony. It's days like this where work does not feel like work. There were musical performances, the governor spoke, special guests spoke to the audience about their personal and touching stories.

Photo by Andrea Briscoe
The Atlanta Boy Choir was phenomenal. If you've never heard them sing, it's a must hear!

Photo by Andrea Briscoe
The governor and two special guests lit the huge Christmas tree at the Capitol. Lots of kids were present and they loved it...and I loved it too!

Got a pic for Instagram in front of the tree!

Look how small I am compared to this thing!

I love Christmas tree decorations, lights, and ceremonies. Have you kicked off the Christmas season yet? If you're in Atlanta, be sure to stop by the Capitol and get a photo with the tree!


  1. Beautiful pictures, I just decorated my tree and home today so this come at the perfect time ;)


  2. the first is an amazing christmas tree

  3. Hello from Spain: Beautiful Christmas photos. Your work is exciting. Keep in touch

  4. Love the pictures! That tree is gorgeous I love how simple it is with the red bows and white lights!

  5. That tree is huge but beautiful, I love all the lights that are on it!


  6. This is beautiful. It tripped me out because you kind of resemble me in your picture in front of the tree. LOL. I had to double take.

    Beautiful photos doll.


  7. Now that's a huuuuuge Christmas tree! Your pic is super cute!

    Cee. ♥
    Code Overdressed

  8. That Christmas tree is amazing! And I love your Instagram pic! Have a great weekend! :)


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