December 16, 2013

How to survive the holiday madness

It's no secret, this time of the year is ridiculously, insanely busy. This past week I went to holiday parties, graduation parties, several other counties, to my parents house, a reception, and MORE. Pure madness. It can be overwhelming if you're not prepared and don't remember key tips for surviving the holiday madness.

I'm sharing how I survive and enjoy the most (hectic) wonderful time of the year!

The invitations for holiday parties, graduations, and more festive events start flying in toward the end of November. That's when I start sorting the invites into "yes," "no," and "maybe" based on who is hosting the party, how convenient it is, what else I have planned for the day, etc. It's OK to say no! People understand how busy December is and that not everyone can make every event. If it's too stressful to attend a function, RSVP with a no and make it up to the host later. Saying no to  some invites, duties, requests, etc. is a big way to lower the holiday madness.

Organization is the answer to just about any issue involving being overwhelmed, and holidays are no different. I use my agenda to stay organized on a regular basis. But during the holiday season, I also create a separate list for holiday parties I've been invited to, any events I am hosting, and work related events or meetings.

Organization also helps when doing your Christmas shopping. I make a list of the people I need to buy gifts for, what stores I can get those items from, the estimated cost of the items - and I update the list as I purchase gifts. I started and finished my Christmas shopping on Saturday using this method and it worked so well! Best Christmas shopping experience yet, and since many items were on sale, I ended up spending less than I predicted.

With the rush of everything that comes along with the holidays, it seems impossible and unreasonable to take a break or relax with an endless to-do list. But, productive breaks are great! What's a productive break?

Getting a mani/pedi before a holiday party
Wearing tennis shoes while Christmas shopping, so it becomes your workout
Cook food for a potluck as a form of therapy
Donate old clothes before buying family members new ones

Do something you enjoy doing, that will also help prepare you for a holiday event.


Yes, this month is crazy times 100, but it's a limited time that we can't get back. This is the only December 2013 we'll get and we should enjoy it. As you run around town, pretend to be Santa at your local Target, party-hop, and more…remember to live in the moment. Take in what you're doing and appreciate the time with your family and/or friends. Take a break from Instagramming every gift you receive and talk to your family members because every year with them is a blessing. Living in the moment and not letting the rush of the holidays overcome you is my biggest piece of advice.

The holidays are beautifully busy, and when spent the right way…they're the most wonderful time of the year.

What's your advice for surfing the craziness of the holiday season? 
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  1. The holidays can be such a stressful time! Thanks for sharing these tips :)


  2. Great advice! Live in the moment is definitely something I'm working on not just for this season!

  3. This is some very sound advice Vett, we all need to learn how to say no and not feel guilty, that would help us to be less stressed for sure :)

  4. You left off "Bacardi" - that's how I survive the madness LOL

  5. Great idea for a post!!! Saw your comment on my blog I gave you a follow! Hope you can follow me back! xoxo

  6. Hello from Spain: my calendar of events for this month and next is full. I do not have time for anything. The key is to plan and organize. Keep in touch

  7. I really needed those tips, these past few weeks has been so busy and somewhat stressful!

  8. Have fun! Its super easy to get caught up in the to-do lists, prepping, and execution but if you have fun while you're doing it, it doesn't feel so bad.

    KLP | SavingOurStrands

  9. Excellent tips! I paired down my Christmas this year. It's been a relaxing one.


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