December 23, 2013

In case you missed it...

I'm always running into funny/interesting/thought provoking/ridiculous things on the Internet and I usually email the links to the friend(s) I think will appreciate them the most. However, I want to start sharing these gems with you in a roundup I'm calling "In case you missed it…"

Enjoy some of my favorite recent posts on the Internet!

23 signs you're obsessed with Christmas
We all have that friend…who starts counting down to the next Christmas ON Christmas Day. They celebrate all month long and never let you forget what time of the year it is. This post gave me a good laugh because I'm guilty of a few…especially the red cups at Starbucks signifying its own holiday!

via Buzzfeed

Which American Girl Doll Are You?
My friend Brooke shared this on Twitter and since I had TWO American Girl dolls growing up (and tons of outfits), I had to take this short quiz. I got Samantha, and the description is pretty spot on, haha! If you take it, share which one you are!

via Buzzfeed

As I start taking photos as a part-time profession, I'm constantly researching amazing photographs and photographers. These were incredible and the short stories behind them made them even more powerful.

via viralnova

Although I don't completely agree with the title…people can change! It's a really good read and really makes you think. I love articles like that.

via Forbes

If you haven't done some online shopping at Red Dress Boutique, you are missing out!! They have some of the trendiest and cutest dresses, sweaters, tops, accessories, and shoes! Their Facebook page is really fun to follow and the background story on the company and founder is really impressive. They're based here in Georgia, but ship all over! I LOVE their holiday looks!

Had you already checked out any of these things this month? 
What'd you think?


  1. These are some great links Vett, have a Merry Christmas :)

  2. Hello from Spain: Pretty proposals. I really like American dolls. Merry Christmas and Next Year. Keep in touch

  3. Thanks for the links Vett, I think that first one showed me I am definitely obsessed with Christmas!

  4. I always wanted and American Girl doll as a kid so I haaaad to find out which one I was, hahaha! Turns out I'm Josefina! :)


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