December 23, 2013

2014 promises to myself {printable}

Oh my goodness, just one week left of 2013. Every year I switch up how I set my resolutions (I don't like that word) for the year. Last year I made a list of must-do's and realistic goals, and it worked really well! This year, I'm getting more personal and making some promises to myself.

I took a leadership course once and we learned how to state goals: I will do______. So that's kind of the format I'm using for 2014 goal setting. I'm also working on a more detailed list of 100 to-do's once I turn 23…but you'll get to see that later.

I've made this template easy and I think most people can fill it in to fit their specific needs.

If you decided to use this method, let me know and I'll check out your list of promises. 

I'll be sharing mine on Dec. 31! :)

View the printable here.


  1. I love this idea!


  2. Awesome idea Vett!

  3. Great idea! Printing it out now! Thanks Vett <3
    I'm especially highlighting the saving money line lol, that's my biggest problem

  4. Love this! I am definitely going to do this and print it out :)

  5. happy christmas time <3 happy holidays! xxxxx

  6. I will try to use it.. :)
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  7. this is really good!!!

  8. To-do's are always fun and setting goals and writing things down seems to be the only way things work for me, lol. Ran across your blog and I'm pretty sure I'll be a regular visitor. I attend college in Atlanta as well at Georgia State University :)

  9. Hi ur blog and ur style
    check out my and let me know ,what do u think,maybe we can follow each other ?

  10. Perfect idea to fulfill the purposes!

  11. I like this Vett, I think I will do this for my New Years post, of course I will link back to you if I do :)

  12. Very cute idea!!!!!! Seems easier than a usual list of resolutions.

  13. This is really good to do! Good luck!

  14. Wow, this is so good and creative. Can't wait to get serious and complete my list. 2013 was excellent, and 2014 is going to be an even better year.

  15. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    KLP | SavingOurStrands


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