July 01, 2014

July fitness challenge {legs}

Is it just me or did June go by at lightening speed?! Maybe it felt that way because I did so many weekend trips in June and stayed busy with projects. Regardless, July is here and that means a new fitness challenge for the month. Last month's challenge was good for daily physical activity and sculpting. I am excited for a new routine though. This month's challenge is via Tribe Sports and includes great exercises for your legs. When you do all of these together, they make for an excellent cardio workout as well.

20 squats 
30 lunges 
40 calf raises 
50 second wall squat 
100 jumping jacks 
50 second wall squat 
40 sumo squats 
30 leg raises 
20 squats

If you decide to join this month's fitness challenge, let me know! Fitness + clean eating is a proven way to lose weight and be healthier.


  1. Your dress look absolutely amazing (and love the food shots!) Have a wonderful 4th of July Vett xo


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