July 16, 2014

Beyonce + Jay Z "On The Run" Atlanta show {review}

Last night I knocked an item off my bucket list by seeing the one and only Beyonce!! I went to a Jay Z concert a few years ago and really enjoyed it. Honestly, I don't even consider myself a "stan" or member of the "Beyhive," but attending this concert really increased my love and admiration for Beyonce, Jay Z and them as business & life partners. I attended their Atlanta show for their "On The Run" Tour and it was an incredible two hours.

My hair and makeup were inspired by Beyonce.

And so was this outfit and Instagram post ;)

I went to the concert with my roommate and we used Uber to get there in order to avoid crazy parking fees and traffic.

The show started around 9pm (about an hour after it was supposed to), but we did lots of people watching while waiting for J + B to come on stage. The entire show was a massive production filled with short clips, out-of-this-world graphic elements, outfit changes, talented dancers, and classic music. This was the first show I had been to that did not have an opening act nor any surprise guest performers. I guess when you're Jay Z and Beyonce those elements aren't necessary! 

Beyonce is such a talented woman. She sang 25+ songs/snippets from all of her solo albums, a few snippets from other artists, some of the lyrics to accompany Jay Z on his songs, and danced (in heels) during it all! Whew, I was in awe just watching her. She definitely interacted with the crowd and performed based on the crowd's response. Her voice sounds fantastic in person and trust me, she does her own stunts! Lady is in serious shape.

Jay Z also performed 10-12 of his personal hit records and the crowd went crazy. I was happy to see there were lots of Hova fans present as well. But I think everyone's favorite moments from the concert were seeing J + B perform together. Their on stage chemistry is undeniable and we have to hope it's because their off stage chemistry is so strong. They acknowledged each other's talent and fed off of each other while performing. While watching I kept thinking what an insane duo these two were and then when I remembered that they're married and have a child, it made the performance feel even realer.

But my absolute favorite part of the show was toward the end when B + J sang "Forever Young" and "Halo" together while they showed unreleased home video footage of themselves, baby Blue, Beyonce's family, and their special family moments. It was really special to watch the video with them because B + J were turned toward the big screen watching, smiling, and singing background music that made the on screen moments come to life. This concert will definitely serve as a highlight of Summer 2014, and I highly suggest that if you have a chance to see Bey and Jay live, you take it!

"If you have a dream, I suggest you start chasing it...NOW." - Jay Z #OnTheRunTour


  1. Oh that must've been such an amazing concert!!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. I am so jealous! Beyonce is one of my absolute favourite singers of all times, because she does dance music and ballads so well, she's a curvy girl *and* she can dance in heels! Your lipstick looks so gorgeous on you!! Loved everything about the outfit :)

  3. This review is WOW! I am so sorry I missed out but I blinked and tickets were gone, literally lol. A lot of the moments sound so cute and I especially love the inclusion of the Halo snippet and your explanation of the scene, that is so beautiful that they were essentially singing Halo to their halo haha. Great review and you were fire that night girl in the 'fit and makeup department heyyyy :)

  4. This post is just great!

  5. OMG! This is so amazing! I'm way jealous! Beyonce is so fabulous! And your outfit/hair/make-up was so perfect for the concert


  6. I'd LOVE to see them in concert!! I bet they were fantastic!! Such a power couple!

  7. This sounds like such an amazing concert! I love Beyonce! You look FABULOUS in your romper and hot pink lipstick - get it gurl!

  8. omg! ughhhh! I am sooo jealous. I wanted to go to that concert so bad. Dang girl you are lucky! :) I'm just glad they are going to show it on tv for the losers like me lol, even though it won't be the same. Your outfit was really cute too. Glad you enjoyed the concert! This was a great post.


  9. Wow, I would've been in awe of them throughout the whole concert, amazing amazing stuff!!


  10. Your hair looks great! This review just made me wish I could've been there :( xoAndra


  11. I cannot wait until Friday night when theyre in Houston! I went shopping and currently debating amongst which one of the five outfits I bought that im actually going to wear to the show. Sooooooo excited!!!

  12. Wow you are so gorg! Lucky you scored their tickets!


  13. knew it wouldn't disappoint! wish i could have gone

  14. Ahh, I so wish I could go! Sounds amazing.
    You looked incredible! Love, love your hair like that!


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