July 09, 2014

Keeping up with long term goals

Although I've been working on two lists with short term goals (Summer Bucket List & 23 to-do's), I have a lengthy list of long term goals that I'm working to accomplish as well. And those goals aren't as easy to accomplish. I often get questions from girls and women just starting to go after their dreams and want to know how to make them happen. Long term goals require special treatment, a particular level of energy and dedication, and a true passion. I also believe that some long term goals are better left unspoken and unshared with the public. But I will share that my long term goals are not just business-related. I have long-term goals for my personal life as well and those goals require the same type of attention and work as my career goals. Below, I'm sharing a few methods I've used to achieve long term (they take a year or longer to achieve) goals, and why I find them useful.

How to follow through with long term goals

1. Break them down into smaller goals or shorter deadlines | I find it useful to break down my long term goals into smaller goals that I hope will lead to the long term goal. A personal example of this is my long term goal of working for a politician or running for office. I have been breaking that goal down over the past few years. In college, I had goals of getting involved with student government and getting a political internship. By achieving those goals, I feel closer to achieving my long term goal even if I don't know when it will happen. Breaking your long term goal into smaller goals makes things more exciting and relaxed. Think about what experiences may guide you toward your long term goal, and go after those experiences until you get to the final destination! Reaching those shorter deadlines also helps build your confidence and serves as inspiration to persevere. 

2. Keep a goals journal/sketch pad | I keep two journals - one is a gratitude journal where I write down the aspects of life I'm grateful for, and the other journal is where I jot down my ideas and goals. I usually open goals journal twice a month - when I want to remind myself of my long term goals, and when I have an idea to help accomplish that goal. I also put a date next to my goals in my journal and write down when I hope to accomplish them. It's not a super strict deadline, but more of a plan.

3. Post them in a place you frequently look at | if journals aren't really your style, try writing or posting your goals in a more creative way. Inspiration boards can also double as "goals boards" with your goals listed among the inspiration. It helps to have your goals listed somewhere you look on a daily basis (bedroom wall, bathroom mirror, cell phone wallpaper, bracelet, etc.). The more you're reminded of your long term goals, the more they become apart of your life journey. Stay inspired and motivated as you work on your long term goals. This means surrounding yourself with positive and encouraging people, and speaking about your goals positively.

How do you manage long term goals?


  1. I use that first method you wrote about where I break the long term goals into smaller goals so I am achieving small things that encourage me to keep going. Also, I like to keep my goals out where I can see them, in words or a picture... If it doesn't happen immediately, I find other ways around it :)

    When I started to lose weight, I didn't look at the fact that I needed to lose 90 pounds, I took it in 10 pound increments and it built up quickly... :)

    1. thanks so much for sharing, Launna! I'm very proud of you! :)

  2. For me it's a mix of 1 and 3 :) I break them into smaller goals so it's not too overwhelming and I have a pin board where I post a little something to motivate me or remind me to keep going whenever I feel like I lost track of my goals!

  3. Definitely gotta break 'em down. An old-fashioned print out of a calendar in Microsoft Word has been my on and off workout tracker for years ha. Which maybe means I should do something different due to the "off and on". Great tips!

  4. Can I just say how much I love that bee hive wire set up you have? That's really neat and I want to do that right now. I also thing breaking down goals into smaller chunks is great. I do that when I feel overwhelmed with mines!

  5. These are great tips, just last week I went back and looked at my 25 before 25 list. Although I had accomplished a lot, I still want to print them out so they're more visible to me on a daily basis.

  6. It's simple to how I manage my long term goals

    I don't. I admit that's a weakpoint of mine


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