July 18, 2014

Back on the healthy track {part 2}

It feels really good to be back to eating clean and healthy meals twice a day. I'm currently out of town for a work trip, but I wanted to share this post since I've gotten lots of emails asking for help with shopping for healthy foods on a budget. I totally understand. I'm sharing a few of my favorite meals from this past week along with some of my shopping secrets for getting great healthy foods without breaking the bank. 

Fruit blend: Ice (free), cantaloupe ($1 for whole cantaloupe), strawberries ($2), blueberries ($1).

Cantaloupe ($1 for whole cantaloupe), blueberries ($1), Gardenburger veggie burger ($2.75 for pack of 6 burgers). I told you in my last healthy foods post how much I love these frozen veggie burgers. I cook them in the skillet for a few minutes to give them that "grilled" effect. So good!

Sautéed cauliflower ($.99 for frozen bag of cauliflower), green beans ($.50 for canned green beans). I made this meal out of desperation for some clean veggies. These were the first two veggies I spotted and I figured I would try them together. I cooked them in a skillet with lemon juice, red pepper flakes, black pepper, and some basil.

Cauliflower & green bean mix with a veggie burger (all drizzled with lemon and lime juice). These veggie burgers have become my favorite "meat" with a fruits/veggies at lunch time. It's a delicious combination and I'm satisfied after eating it without the overly full feeling.

Tips for easy, cheap, and tasty healthy meals
Try buying frozen veggies (a lot cheaper, last longer, don't have preservatives like canned foods).

Freeze any fresh fruits/veggies you don't use (for same reason).

Find a cheap healthy food item you enjoy and use it in your meals throughout the week (kale, brown rice, black beans, tomatoes, avocados, squash, sweet potatoes, cucumber) all of these are typically $.99 

Shop for fruits and vegetables at market places or international markets for lower prices than the average grocery store.

When a fruit/veggie item is in season and is on sale, try it & buy it! This is a great way to expand your healthy eating horizon and save money.

Buy a bag/bundle of some sort of greens (spinach, mixed spring, kale), a lemon or lime (dressing), and you can add any type of vegetable and/or meat to this easily for a salad during the week.

Buy healthy "toppings" too add onto foods throughout the week such as (fruit salsa, lemon juice, lime juice).

Do all of your cooking/prepping on one night so that you can quickly grab meals throughout the week.

Alternate between fruit blends, fresh fruits, and fruit toppings to keep things interesting.

Use leftover fruits to infuse your water with for a refreshing drink.

Use blended avocados and tomatoes instead of fatty condiments and pasta sauces.

Don't feel guilty when you have a non-heathy meal. I'm still just focusing on eating 2 clean meals a day + working out to keep toning up and losing weight.


  1. These are good tips! We buy frozen fruit and veggies. But one thing that I've found that saves a lot is buying dried beans. We soak them and then cook them. If you have space in your freezer you can make a bunch and freeze them in can sized portions. A bag costs about as much as a can of beans and you get several cans worth of beans out of each bag. 1/2 c dried works out to being about a can's worth when soaked and cooked.

  2. I'm a fan of healthy food too, great job Vett! Hope you are well hun!
    Coco et La vie en rose / Bloglovin / Facebook

  3. Awesome post! Frozen fruit and veggies are the best since often times I'll let it go bad before I used it. I just may have to try a veggie burger thanks to your rave reviews. Have a great weekend, lady!

  4. I buy giant bags of frozen fruit and then take it out and put it in the fridge as needed, definitely saves me a ton of money.

  5. I must admit that your tips are great. I must remember about freezing fruits - it's also necessary when I don't have enough fresh fruits during winter but I still want to eat healthy. Also buying at market places is a good idea, unluckily it takes a lot of time... But maybe one day during a week could be a day of going to the market.
    Take care!

  6. Amazing post, that's look delicious <333


  7. I think it is great if we can at least attempt to eat clean as often as we can... of course we will fall off and have a day or two but always remembering to come back to the healthy way is good :)

  8. Thank you so much :)
    It looks so tasty!




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