July 29, 2014

Washington D.C. recommendations?

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After this year's seasons of Scandal and House of Cards, I have been itching to visit Washington D.C. as an adult. The last time I went to D.C. was with my family to see a family friend and I was maybe 8 years old. One of the coolest parts of that trip was touring the White House and briefly meeting President Bill Clinton. I don't remember much else, really. So I'm pumped to be headed to D.C. this week for my family reunion! We have reunions every two years and since I missed our last one, I am really missing seeing all of my family in one place. And what a great place to reunite!

I'm hoping to knock an item off my year 23 list (extremely wishful thinking!) by meeting the President.
And one of my grad school classmates is working in D.C. this summer and has asked me to take some professional photos of her in downtown D.C. and I cannot wait! As much as I love taking photos in Atlanta, I am always eager for a change of scenery for my photography projects.

It should be a nice trip to end the summer and awesome family time!

If you've been to D.C. or if you live in D.C., please share some places I should visit, things I should do, and where to eat during my stay!


  1. Have an amazing trip Vett... I hope your wishful thinking comes true and you get to meet the president... that would be wonderful. He seems like such a kind and knowledgeable man;-)

  2. I'd like to visit the city, cause I still haven't the opportunity
    Have a nice week dear,

  3. I'd love to meet the president one day. Or former president Bill Clinton. I'll even settle for Jimmy Carter

  4. One place I enjoyed in DC was called Busboys & Poets. Their food was good, and they had live entertainment and a gift shop where you could buy all kind of cool things. I enjoyed DC a lot when I went!

  5. I went to DC years ago in high school and had so much fun. If I went back I would totally pretend I was Clare Underwood the whole time!

  6. Ahh I am so jealous! If I were you I would go to the classic places like the Lincoln memorial and if you can go on a tour of the white house!

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  7. i won a trip there and every time i tried to go, something happened. hmph!!


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