July 24, 2014

Love Notes | Indiegogo Campaign

One of my favorite blogger friends, Sheriden/The Indie, who I get to meet in real life tomorrow(!!), is working to make her dreams a reality by creating a docu-series called "Love Notes." Her series revolves around love and collecting notes about love along the way. She's posted about this project several times (one of my favorite posts on it here), and her readers, myself included are very excited to see this come to life! But she needs our help - read a message from her below.

Hi, my name is Sheriden and I'm the creator (and now editor, director, producer) of "Love Notes", a docu-series about love.

March 14, 2014 was a beautiful day for me. It marked the debut of a film project that has been brewing in my brain for a little over a year now. The series is called "Love Notes". And it is a docu-series that I hope will not only teach me a thing or two about love but anyone else who chooses to join along on the journey as well. It began with simple photographs acting as inspiration, evolved to written interviews, and now at its final and permanent stage is a series containing interviews. 

The response to the videos have been a lot more positive than I ever thought it could be, but I have hit a lot of roadblocks behind the scenes due to having to depend on myself to become a jack of all trades, which I don't mind because I wholeheartedly believe in the project, but unfortunately that takes funding as I do not have all of the materials necessary to push a finished product that I can be proud of, which is hopefully where you come in!

I love this idea and I am wishing her the best with her campaign! If you love what she's doing to support love, make a small donation to her campaign here!


  1. Awww, Vett thanks so much for the write-up! Your support means the world :) Can't wait to meet you tomorrow girl :)


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