November 06, 2013

Eating clean for rookies {part 10}

I'm really proud that this is my "10th part" of this clean eating series! I cannot believe I started this journey back in the summer and it's still part of my life. I also want to say thank you again for the encouragement, suggestions, and questions you send my way - I love them! Just a warning, these meals are more creative than normal, but they were all really delicious!

Check out what I've eaten recently:

Spinach and green beans cooked in olive oil, seasoned with black pepper

Salmon seasoned with pepper, lemon and paprika,
 cooked on top of mushrooms, onions, spinach (sautéed in olive oil)

Prepping my salad for a few meals: carrots, 
spinach, cucumber, avocado, mushrooms

I then package the salad up into containers so I can grab it and go 
for lunch or dinner - I can usually fit 2-3 servings in a  container like this one

Cauliflower with black pepper and sweet potato fries with black pepper

Ground chicken cooked with tomatoes and avocados


  1. Hello from Spain: very appetizing. Keep in touch

  2. Hey :)
    Your blog is really great-i love it so much. Maybe you're interested in following each other ? I would love it ❤ Pls let me know in a comment on my blog
    kisses, Anna ♥

  3. How do you make your sweet potato fries? I usually make oven fries (out of sweet potato and regular potatoes) so that they're not actually fried. They are just as tasty though.

    1. Cut from sweet potatoes, baked in the over on a pan layered in olive oil. Then sprinkle black pepper & paprika on them - they get crunchy when baked and so yummy!

  4. Yum, everything looks so delicious! Thanks for stopping by sweetheart :)

  5. All this looks So good, and healthy! Great post!


  6. Go you! The more colorful, the better!

  7. The spinach and green beans look amazing. I think it's so cool that you've been doing all this green eating, you're definitely an inspiration!

  8. Your meals look colorful and delish! Keep up the good work.

  9. This actually looks appetizing, I am salivating over here.

    YAY for eating clean and keeping it up


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