November 12, 2013

Where to find blog post inspiration

One of the most common email questions I receive, after questions on how to get more blog sponsors, is how I find inspiration for my blog posts. I do my best to follow the rule of having a good blend of personal content + fun/light content + public use content. But how do I come up with ideas on what to write about? It's not always easy, but I do have a nice list of where I find inspiration when I can't immediately think of a blog topic.

I hope these will be helpful as you think of what to publish next!

I'm on Pinterest pretty much every day. It's become quite the habit, but it's also one of the highest traffic sources for my blog. I also sometimes see really cool and interesting things on Pinterest that help me think of blog posts, are the featured items on blog posts, or teach me more about a future blog post.

You can follow me on Pinterest here.

What actually inspired me to do this post, besides the emails, was watching Beyonce's documentary "Life is but a Dream" and remembering how inspired I was the first time I watched it. While some celebs just frustrate me with their actions, there are some really ambitious and fascinating celebs who give me ideas on blog posts. From fashion to new projects, celebs are always doing something worth talking about.

Role Models
I have role models in the blog world and in the regular world whose words and actions often inspire posts. Sometimes I will blog about those people or look at what they've done in the past for inspiration.

Books and Blogs
Just like authors read books to be better authors, bloggers should also read books and other blogs for inspiration. This doesn't mean straight up copying someone else's blog post…and definitely doesn't mean taking someone else's material. But getting ideas from what's already out there and crafting it to make it your own.Your blog posts should be in your voice and have your style smeared all over them.

Older Posts
Look back at your older posts…you'll be surprised what you find.

Current Events
Some of the most popular articles on the web are reactions to current events. I'm especially inspired by current events that impact my generation, demographic, or community. These posts can sometimes be controversial, but they are sure to drive traffic to your site and get people talking about your writing.

Whenever I really like an outfit I have on, I try to get some photos and save them for a later date when I may be running dry on post ideas. Viewers love seeing photos of the actual blogger, it makes the blogger seem more human-like. Make sure to get multiple photos to show the entire outfit and share the details of your outfit. You can also share the outfits of friends with great style!

See example here.

Personal Challenges and Achievements
It can be obnoxious if you only brag about the awesome parts of your life on your blog. But it can also be a downer if you're always complaining on your blog. I think being honest and sharing the good and the bad is the best way to show the true you and have a genuine blogger presence. Personal posts are typically crowd favorites because they help viewers relate to the blogger and also humanize the blogger. Life is full of ups and downs, so an honest blog should reflect that.

One of my recent personal posts has been one of the most viewed this month. Read it here.

Be aware of upcoming holidays and use those as inspiration for posts. Also be aware that other bloggers will do the same. So, the more personal the post, the better.

I read inspirational quotations and Bible verses throughout the week. Usually they are just reminders of words I've heard before. But sometimes, a set of words really speak to me and I get an idea of how I can write a post about that topic or just share the quotation with my viewers.

See example here.

I love looking at great photography that tells a story and using those photos or stories as inspiration for posts.

Ask Your Viewers
If you have a great following on your blog, don't be afraid to ask your viewers what they'd like to see on your blog! If you're still working on getting your viewer numbers up, ask family and friends for suggestions on what to post.

Random Facts
While I haven't done one of these types of posts before…I do think they can be interesting if the questions/facts are interesting. Sharing random facts can be a fun and great way to let your viewers learn more about you and your blog.

Quality over Quantity
Sometimes, the inspiration just isn't there or I'm just not in the mood to write a blog post. And I think it's okay. I blog because I genuinely enjoy it. So there are days when I don't post because I either don't have anything to share or just wasn't up for writing a post that day. I believe that quality posts are always better than basic and surface level posts. Viewers can tell when something has been thrown together and it lowers the value of your blog.

Where do you find inspiration when you can't think of a blog post topic?
And what bloggers inspire you?


  1. I think these are all great ideas Vett, I never seem to lack for words for a post... I however have to pull myself back with what I say...

  2. Hello from Spain: interesting tips. Very inspiring. Keep in touch

  3. Nice ideas !!!!

  4. I think most of us do get in a creative stump.

  5. These are all such wonderful places to find inspiration!


  6. U covrd all the places that I found inspiration in the post.. :)
    Good day
    Keep in touch,

  7. I love that Pinterest was the first suggestion, I can spend forever on there haha! I do get stuck sometimes so thanks for the tips!

  8. I definitely get inspiration from all of the items you listed especially Pinterest. Also my friends always say "you should do a post on _____" and it always inspires me.

  9. So many good points in this post! Definitely making me freshen up my sources of inspiration. Love this post.
    Kolbi | Life WIth Kolbi

  10. You should definitely do a random facts post, I've been meaning to do one for a long time maybe I'll finally get around to doing it! :) Great Tips!

  11. Great post dear!!!! i love Pinterest :))

  12. Great ideas.

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  14. Great ideas! I just started blogging and this has been helpful, thank you!


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